Guide to Buying Electric Shavers

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Choosing the right Electric Shaver is not difficult.  There are many models on offer that suit all needs. 

My advice for any customer interested in buying electric shavers is:

  • Consider what you or the person you are buying for has been using in the past.

If there is a particular brand of electric shaver that gives good results, its often a good indicator of where to start looking. E.G. If a person is happy with the quality of a Philishave then choosing a foil shaver like a Braun isn't usually the best option.


This does not to say that its not worth changing shaver style, the new and latest shavers offer excellent results with most people provided that enough time is allowed to adjust and break the shaver in. If you feel you may benefit from switching shaver styles - go for it!

  • Check the models

When browsing a range of shavers from a manufacturer E.G. Braun, you will find that within a certain range you often get a similar quality of shave - minus several features such as charge time etc. Models with the same range often share common parts such as the cutting system. For example, all Braun 360 complete models give the same shave minus LED lights, LCD screens etc

  • Check the Prices

The price variations come in additional features and overall finish. The cheaper, basic shavers within the range tend not to feature expensive tools such as charge displays, sophisticated batteries or possibly feature shorter running times

  • Watch out for Graded items

Ebay is sadly home to alot of sellers that sell Used, Opened or Graded items.  These are items that have been used and refurbished, once the refurbishments are complete sellers sell them dirt cheap.  For Example: A seller is selling a Philishave for £40 offering the product as new and backups all service and warranty, another seller is selling the same thing as a graded item for £20 offering no returns, minimal guarantee of its authenticity and a very high chance of faults and problems - who would you risk spending your money on??


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