Guide to Buying Halogen Headlamps Online

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Guide to Buying Halogen Headlamps Online

Headlamps are a necessary component of any motorised vehicle and when one goes out, it is essential that the headlamp be replaced as soon as possible. Driving with one or more headlamps out on a vehicle is not only unsafe for the driver and passengers of the vehicle, but it also hazardous for anyone else who happens to be on the road. In addition to safety issues, it is also not legal in many areas to drive without both headlamps working properly.

When one or more headlamps go out and need to be replaced, many people choose to buy their headlamps online at eBay because of the convenience and value that it affords them. Halogen headlamps are the most popular type of headlamps to buy compared to other ones when it comes to replacing old ones. There are many benefits offered by using the halogen style of headlight over other older models with standard headlamp bulbs. Knowing what to look for when buying headlamps as well as understanding the buying process on eBay allows people to find what they need when they need it.

Overview of Halogen Headlamps

Technology is one field that is ever changing. It has improved upon many items and processes in people's lives, and has even helped to change the way a lot of people do things. The halogen headlamp has especially impacted the way that business is conducted around the world, mainly because of the exceptional lighting benefits it offers over other lighting methods. It is used in a lot of different tools such as flashlights, projector lights, and even vehicle lights. The way that halogen lamps are designed has caused them to become a valuable type of illumination source. There have been many ways that halogen and the halogen lamp has been improved upon over the years and for many people, halogen clearly surpasses the standard incandescent light bulb.

Brief History of the Halogen Lamp

Halogen lighting may seem to be a relatively new form of lighting to some people, but the initial technology for creating the halogen lamp has been around for more than a century. Although there has been some controversy over who actually invented the first halogen bulb, most authoritative figures credit Sandor Just from Hungary and Franjo Hanaman from Croatia with the invention. These two men were given a patent on December 13, 1904 by Hungary for creating a lamp that used a tungsten filament. It was not the tungsten filament alone that made the invention so great, but it was rather the fact that it was the first lamp to outlast its predecessors. But it was Irving Langmuir who in 1913 decided to change additional features of the lamp. Instead of a process that used a vacuum technology, he added a gas which made the lamp twice as luminescent and it also served to keep the interior glass housing from becoming black as well. Over time many additional improvements were added to create the halogen type of lamp that is known today.

Halogen in Headlamps

Halogen headlamps are common in many vehicles on the road, particularly new vehicles. There are many reasons why people who need to replace a headlamp opt to replace them with halogen ones instead of the ones that customarily came with the vehicle. Halogen headlamps have a variety of characteristics that are advantageous over the traditional headlamp. Halogen headlamps need to be powerful in order to give the vehicle operator a good view of their surroundings. Understanding more about halogen headlamps can help determine if these are the right ones to substitute for the vehicle owner.

What are Halogen Headlamps?

Halogen headlamps, also known as tungsten-halogen headlamps, are a type of incandescent headlamp made up of a compact quartz bulb with an interior feature that includes a small amount of the chemicals that make up halogen. Because of the way that the halogen headlamp is constructed, it can withstand the high temperatures that result from prolonged use of the powerful light source. The high temperature that the lamp operates off of is the chief reason why the light it emits is so bright.

This type of lighting is used for many different types of illumination sources, including flashlights, and it is commonly with equipment operated in extremely dark surroundings. Construction crews often use halogen headlamps on their heavy duty machinery because of the crisp bright light this type of headlamp offers. A lot of other heavy equipment operators such as truck drivers and farmers use halogen headlamps due to the hours that they operate their machinery. Although halogen headlights are great for night use, they can also be used anywhere and anytime that extra lighting is beneficial.

How Halogen Works in Headlamps

Halogen is a gas that is used in headlamps because of the beneficial properties it provides as a lighting source. However, the halogen itself is not solely responsible for giving off the bright light that these types of headlamps are known for. The glass interior of a halogen bulb also contains a tungsten filament and when the gas comes into contact with the filament, the chemical reaction created by this contact evaporates the tungsten and allows it to be reattached to the filament again.

It is by this process that the life of the halogen bulb is increased lifespan and it also helps to maintain the interior cleanliness of the bulb's glass. This process also allows the bulb to burn at a temperature higher than other types of bulbs.

Advantages of Halogen Headlamps

There are many advantages that halogen headlamps provide over the standard type of headlamp. Although halogen headlamps may not be as widely used now as they could be, understanding the advantages of halogen headlamps and comparing them to the characteristics that some of the other common types of headlamps offer can help make a believer out of a lot of people that they are indeed the better choice for headlamp needs. The table below lists various types of headlamp and how they compare to halogen headlamps.

Type of Headlamp

Notable Characteristics


Bright light emissions; long lifespan and compact; interior casing stays cleaner longer than ordinary headlamps; uses more energy; relatively inexpensive overall


Bright light emissions; very energy efficient; not as compact; glare is a problem; more expensive; harmful chemical may be present


Lower power generation, making it less bright; more manipulable than other types due to small size; low power consumption

The information listed in this table can be helpful in guiding a buyer to choose the headlamp type that is appropriate for them. Just as the needs of cars differ, the needs of the owner also differ. Choosing the right headlamp that not only benefits the car but the owner as well makes the decision a much easier one.

Searching for Halogen Headlamps on eBay

There is more than one way to find an item when using eBay. One of the simplest ways is to enter the keywords "halogen headlamps". After clicking the search button icon a number of results for halogen headlamps is displayed. At this point if the search results that are returned for items is too numerous, the results can be narrowed down further by including categorical filters such as make, model, and year, as well as other category options. Categorical filters can also be chosen when using the advanced search option feature as well.

It is also important before making a final choice of what you want to buy to become familiar with the seller. Individuals who are ranked highly for their performance sellers have been given the title of "top-rated seller". These sellers have a proven track record of providing exceptional service to their customers and have high positive feedback ratings. The number of customer reviews is also listed with the seller feedback ratings and is available for people to browse through to read comments from previous customers who have used this seller.


There are many times when purchasing items such as halogen headlights is more advantageous to an individual by buying them online. Headlamps vary in their features and characteristics. Some types may offer more power; however, they may be more expensive than other types or have a shorter lifespan. Understanding what a halogen headlamp is and how it compares to other types of headlamps can eliminate confusion about if that type of headlamp is the best one for the buyer.

Additionally, understanding how to buy headlamps online at eBay also helps to alleviate confusion when the buyer is able to navigate smoothly through the information by using various search options and knowing where to find information about the item. In addition, just as various items differ from each other, so do the sellers often differ in what they offer to the buyer as well. This is why it is important to know how where to find pertinent information about the history behind previous seller and customer transactions. Choosing the right item is easier when all of these factors are understood and taken into consideration.

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