Guide to Buying Hatching Eggs

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With the current popularity of poultry as a hobby, the sourcing of hatching eggs has become ever more an every day occurence. Ebay has made this so much easier, but you must be careful! Some rare breed poultry eggs can be very pricey, understandably, so you must be certain you are buying from a reputable source. Alot of people are wanting to make some quick cash and wont hesitate to sell the average hybrid egg as something much rarer. So always check sellers feedback and contact them. And if a photo looks familiar, ALWAYS contact the buyer for more photos as it could be possible they have stolen an image and are not selling eggs from the stated breed. One other thing to watch out for is how to know if a bird is "show quality" or not. Always look at photos carefully and dont hesistate to request more photos of the sellers stock. Some sellers have realised that by stating birds are "show quality" than can easily double their money, and without a buyer actually seeing the birds for themselves, its hard to know whether they are getting what they have paid for. Photos are usually a giveaway, so study carefully. Dont let this dishearten you though, there are plenty of genuine sellers who love their poultry and will be happy to give you all the info you need.
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