Guide to Buying Quality Canvas Art Prints

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Stunning Golden Gate Bridge Canvas Picture
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Stunning Golden Gate Bridge Canvas Picture

Canvas Material

The canvas material varies from seller to seller. They may be Plastic (usually Polyester based) on mainly cheap imports but also supplied by some British manufacturers or Cotton for a much higher quality, longer lasting product.
It's quite difficult for inks to adhere to a plastic finish and inks will crack over a short period of time. No point stating ink will not fade for 200 years if it starts to come away from the cheap Polyester after 12 months!

Cotton canvas (sometimes referred to as 100% cotton, cotton fabric and pure cotton) gives a superior finish, more authentic look and has a superb texture. Always look for a cotton canvas print. Beware of sellers who simply state 'canvas' as this will mean cheap/polyester/plastic.

Canvas Art Inks Used

The vast majority of canvas printing utilises an inkjet style (Giclee) printing process. It is important to only purchase products that state they are UV protected. Inks that do not have UV protection will very quickly fade. This is vital as you will hang your chosen canvas artwork in direct light such as your dining room, kitchen or lounge. The seller should state the brand of ink and printer they use, this gives you a chance to research the ink/printer manufacturer and check out what they are stating with regard to the quality of their finished product.

Another vital factor is the number of colours (or ink pots) the printer uses. As a rule you should settle for no less than 12–colour pigment inks for the best quality print.
Would you want to hang up your chosen artwork for all to see from a basic printer that uses only 4 colours (like your printer at home) or from a professional, branded printing press using at least 12–colour pigment inks?

Beware of sellers who do not state the brand of ink or printer they are using or the number of inks used. There will be a reason why they don't want to tell you.
Majestic Forest Waterfall Canvas Picture
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Majestic Forest Waterfall Canvas Picture

Canvas Framing

There are a number of framing techniques and construction materials from proper solid pine frames with a sloping face to cheap pieces of MDF.
Best quality will be from kiln dried pine frames – this means that the frame will not warp or twist once hung in your chosen room.
32mm (1.5inch) kiln dried pine frames are on the premium end and will give a superb depth (profile) to your canvas wall art.

A popular style is gallery wrapped. This means the image is literally wrapped around all the sides giving an excellent profile to your chosen canvas artwork.

Beware of sellers who do not tell you how thick the frame is – don't get caught out looking at picture on what appears to be a really deep/thick frame. Make sure it is stated how thick the frame is and what the frame is made from! Again, if the seller does not say, there is a reason for this.

Canvas Size

The size given by sellers varies massively. Some state the size of the canvas used before it has been framed while others give the size of the framed and finished canvas artwork.
Check the size you want to buy is actually the finished size. Sellers should state the actual canvas size AND the finished size once framed.

General Canvas Art Tips

Your canvas art will be on your wall for many years to come, so to give you the best results year after year:
Ensure the canvas is cotton canvas
Ensure the inks used are UV protected
Ensure the printer/inks are branded and use a minimum 12–colour pigment inks
Ensure the frame is kiln dried pine (32mm thick for best profile)
Ensure the canvas size is the finished (actual) size
Look for a ready-to-hang canvas

All Canvas Art at Canvart adheres to these rules.
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