Guide to Buying Spray Paint on eBay

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Guide to Buying Spray Paint on eBay

Applying a coat of paint to the metallic surfaces of automobiles may sound like a simple task, but in reality, it can be an arduous one. What is cumbersome is getting the coat to be even and well-finished. However, spray paints and appropriate accessories can make the job fairly simple and easier. Spray painting can be less challenging with some preparation and knowledge about the various types of spray paints available as well as the procedures to follow. One must have an idea about how to prepare the surface that is spray painted, the application itself, and the accessories available to carry out the job successfully.

For a person wanting to carry out a spray painting job efficiently and successfully, the first step is to list and purchase the required paraphernalia.Whether the job is simple touch-up painting or painting an entire vehicle, the individual should know what is needed and purchase all the materials at the outset.  Established online stores such as eBay offer a large array of spray paints as well as the accessories that go with them, making it easy for the shopper to find all items at one online store.

Finding Automotive Spray Paint on eBay

Of the different types of spray paints for vehicles available on eBay, each has a different purpose, contributing to the longevity of the paint, final finish, and appearance of the vehicle. The four main types of automotive paints are lacquers, enamel paints, urethanes, and a newer technology that uses water as the solvent to make water-based car paints. These paints are used in stages, along with primers, sealers, base coats, and topcoats, and hence these are single stage, two-stage, or multistage paint systems.

To find these items on eBay, the shopper can start by using generic terms such as "automotive spray paint" or "car spray paint". The shopper can also look under various subcategories that are listed under the "Garage Equipment & Tools" category, an apt one for car spray paints being "Paint & Body Shop Supplies".

Undercoat Spray Paints

This type includes the primers, filler primers, and primer sealer categories, and these are generally used to prepare the metal surface. The primer is a coating applied directly to the bare metal substrate and forms the foundation of the new paint system. Primer sealers may be used prior to the primer coating or may replace the primer altogether. A primer sealer's function is to recondition the surface and promote adhesion. Filler primers are spray paints that rid the surface of scratches, small dents, chips, and gouges.

Single-Stage Topcoat Sprays

Other types of spray paint available on eBay include cellulose lacquers and acrylic lacquers. They impart a glossy finish and are quick-dry topcoat paints. This type of spray provides adequate protection from the elements and pollution.

Basecoat Paints

Basecoat paints are automotive spray paints that need an additional clear coating to bring out the gloss and finish of the painted system. The basecoat and clear coat application is a two-stage process. Fast drying and with a low film build-up, basecoats are ideally suited to metallic and pearlescent finishes. This system has longevity as well.

Clear Coat Spray Paints

Clear coat spray paints have no colour pigment and hence the name. The paint is a colourless resin applied over a coloured one to impart a wet, shiny look to the car exterior. A more effective function of the clear coat is that it protects the underlying colour from the elements, so the colour does not fade out easily. Moreover, shallow scratches or marks can easily be buffed without affecting the paint layer, making repairs and maintenance easier. Various types of clear coat spray paints are available, as 2K polyurethane and 2K epoxy are popularly used.

Non-Toxic Water-Based Paints

This is a newer technology, but products that utilise this technology are available on eBay. Water-based automotive paints are environment-friendly and, since the paint is water-based, the spray gun needs to be made of stainless steel as well.

How to Spray Paint a Vehicle

Spray painting of a vehicle has to be carried out in a suitable location. The venue should have proper ventilation and lighting, enough room for the person to move all around the vehicle, and should be a clean and dust-free environment. A complete set of appropriate painting equipment, various paints, sanding and polishing equipment, and safety gear should be kept handy.

Easily removable chrome or plastic fittings that do not need painting should be taken off the vehicle before starting the work. Areas such as the windshield glass and rear screen should be covered well with paper and masking tape. The vehicle is then thoroughly sanded using 300 grit sandpaper to smoothen rough areas. Sanding also allows better adherence of the paint on the metal surface. Clear all dust and debris to ensure a clean surface. The first category of automotive spray paint called undercoats is the primer, which is sprayed onto the cleaned metal surface. The coats of primer should be applied lightly, and thorough drying between each coat is a must. Sanding done yet again but lightly, after the primer has cured well enough, using 600 grit wet or dry sandpaper can make the surface smooth. A clay bar treatment at this stage removes contaminants and residual impurities to provide a silky smooth feel.

Next is the coloured coat that may be sprayed using either aerosol cans or an automotive spray gun. Automotive spray guns are favoured because they coat the surface evenly. Spray guns may be of two types, gravity-feed or siphon-feed. The gravity-feed spray guns are designed to store paint above the nozzle, while the siphon-feed spray guns have the paint supply stored below the nozzle. The gravity-feed spray guns have a popular design, making these easy to use in corners and places that are not readily accessible, as the paint can does not come in the way while painting.

Next, the layers of clear coats may be applied to work up a good, glossy finish. Further sanding, using sandpapers of varying grits of 800, 1000, 1200, 1500, and 2000, evens out all excesses of the clear coats. This is followed by buffing using car rubbing compound, and sanding using 2000 grit sandpaper and buffing yet again using medium cut polish. Car buffers, polishers, foam and wool buffing pads are some of the accessories needed for this. The final step is the application of a couple of wax coatings.

Other Accessories Needed During Spray Painting

Numerous substances used while spray painting are hazardous, and individuals buying spray paints to carry out paint jobs on vehicles should ensure that they buy adequate safety gear as well. Besides, there are other accessories that make many tasks safer and less laborious. Many of these accessories are available easily through eBay.



Sanding block or board

A block around which sandpaper is wrapped to hold it in place

Filler applicator spreader set

Tool to fill cracks, holes on the metallic substrate

Air Compressor

Powers the spray gun

Reducers, Thinners

Reduces viscosity of paints

Automotive Masking Tape

Used during spray painting to blot out certain effects on the substrate

Spray Gun Cleaning Kit

Spray guns need to be cleaned thoroughly before being reused

Respirator Mask

Safety gear offers protection from toxic paint vapour and mist inhalation

Protective Goggles

Eye protection against occupational hazards


Fire retardant and also protect skin from airborne paint mist

Disposable Gloves

Protect hands during painting

Cup Liners

Allows to spray paint comfortably from various angles

People undertaking spray painting jobs should ensure that they line up the required materials after making a checklist. Safety gear should in no way be compromised, ensuring that quality products are selected, preferably from reputable stores such as eBay.

Buying Spray Paint on eBay

Spray painting of vehicles calls for a list of items and accessories besides the spray paint aerosol cans. All the various types of paints, accessories, and the safety gear as well are widely available on eBay. Shoppers looking for these can find numerous listings for all the items, allowing a wide selection of products to choose from.

All spray paints and accessories can be found under the "Vehicle Parts & Accessories" category and its relevant subcategories on eBay. Related searches just below the 'Search' bar on the listings page offer several links that lead to products related to spray painting. This feature makes it easy for shoppers to navigate between the web pages to locate products.

Shoppers can purchase their materials from eBay's Top-rated sellers and even opt to participate in the eBay sales. No matter what the purchase, it is a good idea to review the seller's background before making a transaction on eBay. Using Top-rated sellers on eBay adds confidence in transactions, as these sellers have earned their designation as a result of their consistent performance in delivering quality products and service to customers.


Vehicles need maintenance periodically for optimum performance as well as to keep them looking great on the outside. While many people think that thorough cleaning and paint jobs can only be handled by professionals, it is not so, considering the easy availability of numerous aerosol paint cans and other accessories that makes the work so easy.

Various types of primers, sealers, fillers, clear coats and colour paints are used singly or in combination to create a glossy exterior for vehicles by removing scratches, dents, and all other irregularities. Very often the exterior of the vehicle needs just touch-up painting to restore the original sheen and good looks. This can be accomplished by the vehicle owner with the use of spray paints in aerosol cans. The surface may need to be prepared using primers to remove impurities so the coating is smooth to the touch and also so that the paint adheres well. Accessories such as spray guns, sanders, sandpaper, applicators, air compressors, and tools that promote safety are required while spray painting.

Thanks to the extensive product range and numerous sellers on eBay, the task of spray painting a vehicle does not have to be challenging.

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