Guide to Buying the Right Exhaust Parts

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Guide to Buying the Right Exhaust Parts

One part of a vehicle's engines comprises of exhaust systems which reduce car emissions and noise pollution. Controlled combustion inside the vehicle engine produces noxious gases, and the exhaust system has pipes that drain away these toxic fumes. This function makes the exhaust system a crucial element that keeps the engine performing well and also affects the power of the engine.

Exhaust systems are of five types, and the type of system selected for a vehicle depends on the engine. Several parts make up the exhaust system, and when each part functions optimally, it makes for a good exhaust system that keeps the engine in peak condition. An exhaust header or manifold, a muffler or silencer, a catalyst converter, the front pipe, and tail pipe with an exhaust tip are the replaceable parts in a standard vehicle exhaust system. Knowledge about what exactly these parts are and how they function can help a shopper select the right product that can be integrated seamlessly into the vehicle's exhaust system. Exhaust parts are available in most stores that sell auto parts. However, eBay is a good online source where one can find the various parts for exhaust systems.

The Various Parts of an Exhaust System

The exhaust system is easily recognisable as a series of chambers and pipes that start at the engine and terminate behind the vehicle in a tailpipe. Vehicles generally have one exhaust system, but eight-cylinder vehicles may have two exhaust systems, with four right cylinders and four left cylinders. The various parts that comprise an exhaust system can be replaced individually, or the entire exhaust system can be exchanged for another appropriate one.

Exhaust Manifold  

Made using stainless steel, aluminium, or cast iron, exhaust manifolds are the front runners of the exhaust system. An exhaust manifold is attached to the engine at the cylinder head. The pipe assembly is sometimes called a header. Channelising the exhaust gases from multiple cylinders through one pipe, the manifold also functions to burn any fuel that has not been used by the engine.

Oxygen Sensor 

This contraption regulates the fuel efficiency of a vehicle. The oxygen sensor is placed in or near the manifold, and it senses the oxygen levels and directs the levels to the car's computer system. The system then regulates fuel flow to provide optimum fuel as required by the engine.

Catalytic Converter    

The catalytic converter is extremely important in dealing with car emissions. This device converts harmful, toxic pollutants into less harmful emissions so that the environment is not affected by them.


The fuel-burning process inside the combustion chamber of a vehicle is a series of explosions that can be extremely noisy and deafening. A muffler mutes these sounds and does so in two ways. The sound waves travel through the exhaust system to the muffler which is attached to the tailpipe of the exhaust system. This is a metal box with a series of tubes and baffles, sometimes with perforations, along which the sound waves travel and lose considerable energy in doing so. The weakened and quieter sound waves travel to the resonator placed behind the muffler, and this cancels the sound waves using built up pressure. Mufflers made using fibreglass absorb the sound waves as well. Some exhaust systems use a combination of both methods to reduce engine sounds.

Exhaust Pipes

Pipes in the exhaust system are conduits for toxic gases.The pipes at the manifold are the entry points for the gases that travel through the exhaust system, which in turn curbs sounds and reduces their toxicity. The less harmful emissions are released into the air through the tailpipe of the exhaust system, at the rear end of the vehicle. The pipes may be constructed of chrome-plated steel or stainless steel. Exhaust pipes are prone to rust and corrosion, and therefore, choosing one made from T-304 grade stainless steel is a long-term investment.

Five Types of Exhaust Systems Explained

Many drivers, especially drivers using high performance cars, tune their engines or cars. Since the exhaust system enhances the mechanical performance of a vehicle and affects the engine power, there are various types of exhaust systems in the market. Some exhaust systems cater to the standard vehicles, and others are built for powerful engines.

Single Exit Exhaust

A standard exhaust system found commonly in vehicles, single exit exhausts or single exit pipes use one pipe to release all exhaust gases. The tailpipe is located near the rear wheel of the vehicle.

Dual Rear Exit 

Similar in design to the single exit exhaust, the dual rear exit has two tailpipes on one side in the rear of the vehicle. While clearing emission more efficiently, this exhaust system makes the vehicle sound like a muscle car.

Dual Side Exhaust

Dual side exhausts are commonly found in motorbikes and tow trucks or heavy cargo trucks. The tailpipes are longer and are bent around the wheels in cars, sport utility vehicles, and trucks.

High Performance Exhausts

High performance exhaust systems are custom designed to fit a specific make and model of cars or bikes. Besides adding to a vehicle's style factor, these exhausts greatly improve engine power and efficiency and impart a characteristic vroom to the vehicle.

Cat Back Exhaust Systems

Cat back or catalyst back exhausts have several parts spanning the length, starting at the outlet of the catalytic converter and going all the way through to the exhaust tip. The parts that make up this length include the pipe from the catalytic converter outlet to the muffler, the exhaust pipe connecting the resonator, the muffler, and the tailpipe. All the parts in a cat back exhaust system are replaceable.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Exhaust Pipes

The metal used to make the exhaust parts and the diameter of the exhaust pipes are important. While a tough metal ensures resistance to corrosion, deterioration, and rust, the pipes should neither be too large nor too narrow. A narrow exhaust pipe creates impediments affecting fuel economy, decreasing horsepower and torque, and a large pipe may not pull exhaust from all cylinders as efficiently.

The following table highlights features of the metals used to construct exhaust parts.

Aluminised Steel

409-L Steel

304 Stainless Steel

Heavy-duty steel pipes hot-dipped in aluminium-silicon alloy

Low carbon steel

Stainless steel infused with chromium and nickel

Imparts a shiny look to the pipes

Durable, strong, and has a dull, matte finish

Brilliant, highly reflective mirror finish, durable

Prone to rust and deterioration

Corrosion-resistant, but rusts easily

Resistant to corrosion and rust


Moderately priced

Expensive, high-end products

When considering aspects of style, a roaring exhaust system makes a vehicle seem like a powerful sports car. A shiny tailpipe or two can also endow the rear of the vehicle with a custom style and hot-rod looks.

Buying the Right Exhaust Parts on eBay

Manufacturers offer a vast array of exhaust systems catering to individuals who obsess about the power and performance of vehicles and the sounds produced by the vehicles' mufflers as well. eBay offers  high-end exhaust systems, and those looking to buy inexpensive replacement exhaust parts are disappointed either, as the parts are available aplenty on this website. Categorized under 'Car Parts', the exhaust systems and exhaust parts are easy to locate and browse on eBay. These subcategories provide listings with images of products prominently displayed.

Buying exhaust parts on eBay is safe, with several of the website's Top-rated sellers offering their products. Shoppers need have no reservations either about price or quality, as these sellers maintain track-records of having sold only quality products along with great service. A shopper on a budget can participate in the eBay auctions and have an opportunity to purchase quality products at reduced prices. As product listings on eBay are continuously updated, newer products are always there for shoppers to choose from if they do not win at the website's auctions.


Finding the right exhaust parts for vehicles could be an uphill task, especially for those who are not conversant with the technical aspects of these parts. Exhaust systems are prone to a lot of wear and deterioration. The metal used to construct the exhaust parts may be aluminised steel, mild steel, or high-grade stainless steel. Buying stainless steel parts is a great long-term solution, as these products can withstand the corrosive effects of toxic gases from vehicles' engines.

As an exhaust system removes the toxic gases from an engine, this is one vehicle part that has to be replaced after much deliberation. Besides, an exhaust which does not meet the emission standards could run into problems with authorities. Reputable online stores such as eBay offer genuine exhaust systems and exhaust parts. Shoppers can browse through the listings at leisure and study the details about every listing at their convenience. Mufflers, resonators, exhaust manifolds, oxygen sensors, catalytic converters, mounting kits, and pipes make up the replaceable parts in exhaust systems. Entire exhaust systems are also available for individuals who wish to change the way their vehicles sound or for those who wish to add extra power to engines.

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