Guide to Fake Anya Hindmarsh - I'm not a plastic bag.

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How to tell if your seller has a fake bag or not?

1) Ask for proof of purchase. Sellers will happily supply a receipt or email proving legitimate purchase.

2) Do not buy from a seller who is in one country -- and the bags are in another (ie China!)

3) Do not buy from a seller who shows the bags - piled up -WRAPPED IN PLASTIC!   Genuine bags come wrapped in tissue paper. Or have been until sold in stores.

4) Unless you have proof of purchase as in point 1, DO NOT not buy ANY bag colored "Purple or Lavender".  These were made ONLY for the Lavender Trust in May of 2007 for the UK. Only 200 bags were sold at £79.00 each. And these benefited a leading Cancer charity.

Good luck and safe and happy bidding!


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