Guide to Finding Batteries and Chargers for Outdoor Use

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The Definitive Guide to Finding Batteries and Chargers for Outdoor Use

There are nearly as many uses for batteries outdoors as there are indoors. For example, they power motor vehicles, mobile phones, power tools, fences, lights, generators, solar panels, and more. However, like indoor batteries, their power can only last so long and they have to be thrown out, or recharged. Outdoor rechargeable batteries are convenient and save money because they have a renewable energy source. There are two types of outdoor batteries: solar and electric. With solar powered chargers, the batteries will charge anytime the sun is out, and store the energy when it is not. Since the sun is a free source of energy, there are no extra electric bills to pay for.

When considering solar energy, most people think of the large panels that are used to power houses. However, the same technology comes in smaller sizes and can be used to power small devices as well as large ones. In most cases, the batteries that are charged can then be used outdoors as well. There are only a few items that will need extra protection if left outside, such as mobile phones.

The electric chargers such as the ones for power tools are also convenient because the batteries can be placed onto the chargers whenever they are not in use. However, there are also solar panels with outlets that regular electronic devices can be plugged into. Continue reading to determine which kinds of batteries and chargers are the most suitable for outdoor use.

Solar Powered Batteries and Chargers

The solar powered chargers come in several types and can work with many different kinds of batteries. Solar energy is unlimited, environmentally friendly, and free. The solar panels do cost extra, but their benefits outweigh the cost in the long run.

Solar power is economical. Many people look for ways to cut back costs and lower their energy bills whenever possible. Throughout the day there are many things in the home that use electricity such as appliances, heaters, lights, and televisions. Considering the fairly low cost of solar chargers, they are well worth the initial investments in order to cut back on the electric bills.

Power from the sun is unlimited. There is no charge to use it, and it is only unavailable at night. Even on overcast days there is still some energy to absorb. Unlike electricity, there will also never be a shortage or an increase in fees to worry about.

Using a renewable energy source like the sun is also environmentally friendly. Cutting back on waste and seeking new ways reduce damage to the planet is something that there has recently been a strong push for. If everyone were to invest in solar energy, there would be a significant reduction in waste.

Lastly, solar power is very convenient. When hooked up, the panels charge the batteries on their own and can remain hooked up to the batteries even after the charging is complete. This ensures that the batteries always stay charged. For outdoor equipment such as electric fences, this saves the owner a lot of headache.

Types of Solar Powered Battery Chargers

The solar powered battery chargers are categorised by the types of batteries that they charge. For example, there are ones specifically designed to charge a vehicle battery, and others designed for mobile phones.

Automobile Solar Battery Chargers

Older vehicles often have a drain in the electrical system that causes the battery to die when it is not in use. To combat this, people can purchase a solar automobile battery charger. The battery connections stay hooked together under the hood, and the solar charger is then placed on top of the hood, or somewhere that it gets access to the sun. These are only effective if the vehicle is parked outside, and they must be removed before driving. The solar panels are designed to drip charge the battery throughout the day. The battery must have some charge to it already because the solar devices are not powerful enough to fully charge a vehicle battery.

Mobile Phone Solar Powered Battery Chargers

For those who are outside a lot, a solar powered mobile phone charger may be ideal. The solar panel is small, and usually not much larger than the cell phone, so it is easy to carry around. It also comes with several different plug-in adapters to accommodate for all mobile phone brands and models.

Motorised Gates

Some people have gates that keep intruders out of their driveway. However, getting out of the vehicle to unlock and open the gate every time the owner comes home can be inconvenient, especially in bad weather. Because of this, some people purchase electric gates. When the owner's vehicle pulls up to the gate, it automatically unlocks, opens, and then closes again once the vehicle is through. In order to keep the gate motor working, it has to be charged. A solar powered panel that charges the gate continuously is the most convenient way to keep it working at all times.

Solar Power Batteries

Solar power batteries are used with the large systems that power houses and buildings. In order to make sure that there is adequate energy when the sun goes down, the system is hooked up to batteries that store energy during the day. This way, the batteries can still provide energy during the night after there is no sun to gather energy from. They resemble the same batteries used in vehicles, but they are specifically made for solar power systems.

Standard Solar Power Battery Chargers

These chargers are used with standard batteries that are most often seen in smaller electronic devices such as a torch. The charger may or may not come with the rechargeable batteries. The chart below lists the types of batteries that can be used with the solar chargers.

Type of Battery


Lithium Ion

Longer lasting than the other types of rechargeable batteries, but they are also more expensive; have a high energy capacity; may be picky about the charger used; can be more sensitive to overcharging


Have a limited shelf life and a slightly lower energy capacity; more affordable and best used in devices that are used infrequently; however they are dangerous to the environment and have to be recycled in a specific way


Very cost efficient and work well with devices that heavily drain the batteries; also useful outdoors because they perform well in low temperatures; however, they are expensive and have a limited shelf life

Standard batteries come in many sizes such as AAA, AA, C, and D. The solar chargers can be bought to charge only one battery size, or several. However, only one type of battery can be charged at a time. For example, an AAA and a C cannot be put into the charger together. The units that are setup to handle different battery sizes are called universal solar chargers.

How to Purchase Batteries and Chargers for Outdoor Use

eBay is a website where any company or private seller can list their products. Because of the way it is set up, there is a huge variety of products from different people all over the world. With the large selection, people are able to bargain shop between sellers who have the same product listed. It is much more convenient to shop this way than it is to travel from shop to shop comparing prices.

Using this website is especially handy when you are looking for something specific, such as solar chargers, that is not readily found in local shops. By going online, shoppers can do all of their research and purchasing without having to leave the house or call around for information.

After visiting the eBay homepage you can find what you are looking for by entering the product phrase into the search bar. For example, type something like " solar vehicle battery charger " or "solar mobile phone charger&". Next, begin customising the selection of products by entering in your price range and sorting them by lowest price first.

When you have found what you are looking for, be sure to research the seller by checking the sellers' feedback to see how satisfied other buyers have been. Top-rated sellers consistently provide great service and it can be worthwhile looking for one of these before making your purchase.


Without power and energy, people would not be able to get through a single day. They are reliant on electricity to travel in their vehicle or on a bus, they need it to make calls, see at night, cook food, heat or cool the house, and work with computers, printers, and copiers. Without it, the world would have to learn how to live and function all over again. Solar powered chargers and batteries play a part in keeping up the normal way of life, without costing more money or causing inconvenience. These chargers not only keep the batteries going, but those batteries can then be used outdoors in lights, alarms, or on gates. Considering how much money they save, they are very reasonably priced as they are not much more expensive than an indoor battery charger.

Solar energy only coming from huge panels on buildings is a thing of the past. The power of the sun can now be harvested in multiple ways on panels of all sizes, making it a more convenient and affordable option worth considering.

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