Guide to JVC BN-VF823 BN-VF815 BN-VF808

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These are JVC batteries that is widely used in JVC Video Camera particularly the latest Everio Models. The JVC terms this type of battery as a DATA battery.Data battery means information about the remaining  battery and recording time is stored on the battery and  can be easily viewed, by simply touching one button on the camera even with the power turned off.

Model                           BN-VF808    BN-VF815    BN-VF823
mAh                                  730 mAh    1460 mAh    2190 mAh
Operating times           
GZ-HD6                               -               1hour 20 minutes    2 hours
GR-D870/D850    2 hours    4 hours 5 minutes    6 hours 10 minutes

The batteries are Lithium Ion Technology – means they can be recharged after use 100’s of times. These batteries have a build in secret coding system that the camera recognizes and hence the camera will not work with NON-OEM batteries. That way JVC have tried to protect their future revenue streams from the replacement battery manufacturers. That is why you find that the Cameras while the cameras are priced around £200 the batteries retail for £100. You can clearly see that the camera manufacturers are following the example of Inkjet printers pricing policy on Inkjet cartridges.

You can find these models on Ebay and Amazon for about £30 but they are not DATA batteries. The Non-data batteries literally work around the batteries secret coding by designing a connection to the Camera’s DC Power input port by a cable attachment to the battery. This seems to work quite well but you have to live with the limitation that you can not get remaining battery operating time information on the camera. Also you will need to buy a separate charger for this type of battery as the Camera charger will not charge the Non-data battery.

But hey what is the equation! : 100£ to 30£ you can have 3 of them for the price of 1 . Most people have a couple of batteries on standby all the time.

For example the BN-VF823 with its umbical cord sold by JPBLISS is capable of replacing the complete range of BN-VF models such as 

BN-VF808    BN-VF808U   BN-VF808US  BN-VF815  BN-VF815U   BN-VF815US 

BN-VF818    BN-VF818U BN-VF823    BN-VF823U   BN-VF823US

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