Guide to all classic Transformers Series's on DVD

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All the Transformers Series's are available on DVD now and make an excellent collection.

Original Generation 1 series's (often know as G1)

Remastered Box Sets

These have all been re-released as digitally remastered versions so worth going for these versions which will have clearer picture and sound. There are four seasons. You can buy all 4 volumes in one pack but these often work out expensive and you can get the whole collection cheaper by buying each volume separetely.

Original Box Set

This box set on eBay is an official Chinese release of all 98 episodes of the original Transformers TV series.   Twenty-four DVDs plus Transformers: The Movie, all contained in an attractive wooden box. All episodes are presented in the original English - all you have to do is turn off the Chinese subtitles. There are three seasons of Generation 1, with the movie falling between Seasons 2 and 3.   Season 1 is short, and full of animation mistakes (All three Decepticon jets randomly colored like each other, reversed transformation sequences, the occasional blue Optimus Prime, etc.).   Season 2 has new Transformers popping in out of nowhere around episode 28, as if they’ve always been there and we just haven’t met them.

The best thing about this set is how cheap it is!   You can get the whole thing for less than $60 on eBay, shipping from China included.   Considering that the series was broken up into about 6 DVD sets in the US, each one sold for between $30-$40, it’s a real bargain.

Find Box sets on eBay here: Transformers Box Sets

Original Transformers Movie

Transformers the Movie - recently re-released as a digitally remastered edition. I recently bought this and watched it again - excellent film and well worth buying for your Transformers collection. Available in a 2 DVD edition with added extras. You can read my review (and available items on ebay) on the single DVD edition edition here: Transformer the Movie Special Edition

Classic Episodes Compilation

If you dont want to buy the whole series's you can buy this taster - which again is digitally remastered. Over 3 hours long makes great viewing. You can read my review (and view available items on ebay) here: Transformers Classic Episodes

Takara Collection

Takara is the continuation o f the Transformers Series after the original series 4 finished. Takara was originally only released in Japan so its great to be able to buy the complete set on DVD now in the UK. There is a special edition available this contains all 3 volumes: Headmasters, Super-god masterforce and Victory (shown separetely above).

Once you have bought and watched all these there are many other new Transformers series's to collect:

  • Beast Wars
  • Beast Machines
  • Armada
  • Energon
  • Cybertron
  • Transformers Animated
Hopefully this has given you an idea of what you can start to collect.

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