Guide to buying with Zavvi

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I had a recent experience with the Zavvi Outlet here on ebay alos known as the Hut, which i wanted to share. The guide is aimed at ensuring you dont have the same experience as I and others have had and will hopefully enable you to make the most of ebay.

I needed a new laptop and decided on buying the Dell inspiron 11z from Zavvi
It was on the deal of the day page and was heavily discounted so i was enticied by the massive savings, i thought it was too good to be true..... and it was.

After doing lots and lots of research I really thought this was a great deal.

I went a head and bought it. Once it arrived i opened it up and set it all up everything was great untill i went in to the control plannel to check out the hardware. 

The listing said that it had an Intel® Celeron™ 743 1.3GHz CPU this isnt what i recieved. 

i got a 723 1.2GHz which to some may not seem like much of a difference but there is a lot of difference than just the speed, the CPU i recieved was over a year older than the one i thought i was buying. 

I also did not recieve 60 Free Napster MP3 downloads  1 Year FREE Napster Music streaming and no information about the warranty. 

at this point i was really starting to worry as i felt completley ripped off. so i spoke to zavvi via ebay messages
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