Guide to different types of Croc shoes

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Lots of fake Crocs keep appearing on eBay at the moment. To ensure you are getting the real thing, look for the crocodile Croc logo on the side of the shoes.

Crocs Endeavour (formerly Aspen) are a closed-top croc with no ventilation holes. Favoured by health workers and gardeners.

Crocs Beach are the original Croc with ventilation ports over top and side. Favoured by all.

Crocs Athens are a flip flop. Favoured by health clubs and swimming pool users and available in Kids sizes.

Crocs Caymen are similar to the Beach but very slightly narrower. Favoured by all and available in Kids sizes.

Crocs Georgie are the Crocs welly. A calf length boot with heel support. Favoured by all and available in Kids sizes.

Crocs Islander are the deck shoe with leather lace up uppers and port holes. Favoured by sailors.

Crocs Off Road are tough crocs with the same holes but with chunkier tread and strengthened toe cap. Favoured by walkers, hikers and gardeners.

Crocs Professional are the hard working Croc with closed top ridges which channel fluid away from the ventilation holes. Favoured by surgeons, hospital staff, barpeople and waiters.

Crocs Scutes are the 'apres sport' slipper. Favoured by sports people.

Crocs All Terrain are the walking boot Crocs in the style of an office shoe but practicality of a boot with closed-in design and waterproof laced uppers and heel and ankle support. Favoured by builders.

Crocs Mary Jane are the pretty shoe with an extra slender strap. Favoured by women and available in Kids sizes.

Crocs Prima are pumps. Favoured by women.

Coming Soon are the Sobek, Sassari, Patra, Ithaca, Hydro, Crete, Cleo, Capri and Kids Crocling Glamour

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