Guide to ebay for new members. How it 'should' be.....

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How buying on ebay 'should' be.

Many new members join ebay each & every day looking for gifts for their family, toys for their children, clothes for themselves.

Maybe you've just recently joined ebay yourself & are a little nervous about making your first purchase?

If you are thinking of buying an item on ebay heres how your buying experience should be. (As a seller I hope I fulfill the criteria set out in my own guide)

Firstly you do a simple search on what it may be that your looking for. To the top right of your screen is a search box with the words 'start new search'. Click your curser (mouse) there and type in one or two keywords of the item you'd like to find. For example you simply put fiction dvd if your looking for a good film but arn't sure of which particular title your looking for, or you could be more specific & type Pirates of the Caribbean DVD. Either way once you've typed in your keywords & clicked the 'search' button a new page will arrive infront of you with the desired products on auction.

Theres many ways you can buy on ebay, the two most common ways are by bidding (where you place a bid & keep an eye on the auction until it ends) and then theres BIN's... (This means buy it now) Choosing the BIN option means that when you click the buy it now button that item is then yours!

Whichever way you decide to purchase your items you will need to make sure you follow a few simple steps.

Firstly make sure you READ the auction listing. Don't just read the title and presume that is the item your looking for because many advert titles can be misleading.

When reading the auction listing take particular notice of any terms and conditions that may apply. Make sure you know which type of payment the seller is accepting, the timescales in postage if they offer returns, if the item is insured (or if your offered extra insurance as an additional option)

ALWAYS READ THE SELLERS FEEDBACK. A seller 'may' have a feedback rating of 99% but that doesn't always mean you will be getting a good enough service. make sure you read the feedback comments left by other buyers, if a seller has one or two negatives don't let this put you off, sellers will always find they can't satisfy everyone, however if there appears to be more than enough negative feedbacks especially if they say similar comments such as 'Item never arrived' or 'Fake goods' 'VERY excessive postage' etc then ensure your er on the side of caution.

Its no good bidding on an item you'd like if the seller only accepts paypal and you don't wish to use that method. This will only result in you not receiving the item & the seller being landed with fees to pay. If you are unsure of payment methods or any other important detail you can contact the seller and ask them anything you like! To do this simply click on the Ask seller a question button which is to the top right of the item page. You will then be able to send them a message through ebay. To check if they have replied simply click on 'my ebay' and then 'my messages', any replies will end up there.

Once you are happy with the item you are looking for and feel happy with the postage time, payment methods, postage costs etc simply click the Bid now or Buy it now button. if you are lucky enough to win the auction / item ensure that you pay for the item as promptly as possible, and keep in contact with the seller throughout the transaction.

Once your item arrives check its in the described condition & go back to the sellers profile to leave them feedback. Feedback is an important part of ebay & helps new buyers like yourself chose who to purchase from.

If however you are unhappy with the item, you must make prompt communication with the seller, simply send them a message through ebay explaining the problems you've had, it may be the postage costs were not fully covered, the item was damaged or doesn't work.. whatever it may be that you are unhappy with ALWAYS contact the seller. You will find that MOST sellers will very quickly remedy any problems to a satisfactory standard, and it may be a simple mistake or out of the sellers hands as to why the damage/loss or whatever occured. Theres nothing worse for a seller to receive a negative feedback comment from an unhappy customer for something they were unaware of.

Most of all... enjoy your experience on ebay. If you need help and advice visit the community forums. You can do this by clicking on the word 'community' at the top of your page and then clicking on 'discussion forums' from there you can take your pick at whichever forum you would like to jump into.. introduce yourself, make new friends & ask away... your fellow ebayers will be happy to help you in any way they can.

Thats how buying on ebay should be... I hope it runs this smoothly for you.


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