Guide to finding genuine Paranormal Items

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If you have an interest in the paranormal, you will no doubt at some point have considered owning something with links to the unexplained. You may have googled 'Paranormal or Haunted items' and found a whole host of websites, YouTube clips, blogs and more all dedicated to various items. But how can you be sure that what you are dealing with is genuine?

My hobby has been researching the paranormal for well over 20 years now, and I never stop getting annoyed at those who make a mockery of the paranormal by trying to sell "Ghosts in a jar" and other ridiculous things. Hopefully this guide will help those who are considering hunting out Paranormal items, to spot a fake and go into ownership having considered things carefully.

If you follow these steps, you will have given yourself the best possible chance of finding real paranormal activity going on.

Make sure you REALLY want something Paranormal 

Ok so it may seem obvious, but really. Think about what it actually might mean to be in the presence of the paranormal. Some people find the idea of ghosts, spirits etc fascinating and are intrigued by what might happen if a spirit were to come into their home. Although this is a good starting point, its not the best reason to own a paranormally active item, not without a bit of background knowledge first. Consider a few things:
    - Does everyone in your home share your enthusiasm for the unexplained?
    - Would you, or anyone you're close to, be afraid if you saw a ghost?
    - Do you ever have any dark thoughts? (suicide, harming yourself or others?)
    - Have you researched you area for the most appropriate place to go for help if you need it?

You need to be sure that those around you are equally as comfortable with the idea as you are, after all, once a spirit is sharing your home, they won't only make themselves known to you.

Do your research if buying online

Search google for the appropriate item i.e. "haunted dolls' but be choosy about the websites you spend time on. Be cautious of webpages that look a bit naff. You know the type. Full of flashing logos, random advertisements, and basically look completely unprofessional. These type of sites tend to be cheap to put together and scream 'con-artist'. Also, be wary of sellers who make ridiculous claims like "The doll chased me across the room". Honesty, I've read this type of thing and these people clearly have no understanding of the way in which the spiritual world works. They've been watching too many horror films. A paranormally active item won't necessarily move, although some do. It is more likely that a spirit has formed a bond, a special connection, to an item and so their soul follows it wherever it goes. It gives security and the ability to remain in our world.
Also, beware of sellers that given little or no information on the item they are advertising. No enthusiast worth their salt would pass on an item before knowing at least some of its history. Its unethical. If you choose to buy from a professional collector you should expect them to have spent time researching the item and they should be able to answer questions you have. Get a feel for the person you're dealing with. Email them. Check if they have sold items before, and if they have, try to track down previous buyers. Facebook can be useful for this. If they have regular followers/customers, then you know that people are happy to deal with them repeatedly.
If a seller says they have a genuine interest in paranormal items, check to see if they have any links with professional paranormal groups. People who are serious about the paranormal have no time for time wasters or frauds, so the company they keep will say a lot about their reputation in the paranormal field.

Car Boot sales, house clearance sales, antique fairs and charity shops

If you're VERY lucky, you could find something with paranormal connections sitting amongst the household goods at car boot sales or charity shops. It's not very likely, but it has been known. If you decide to give it a gamble, don't just buy a bunch of cheap items in the hope that one will be 'special'. Take your time. I would say that charity shops are probably better than car boot sales, as people often donate things they have inherited but don't like and so you have more chance of finding something old. This goes for house clearances too. They are a great way of finding old objects. However, antique fairs are better. But bear in mind. You will pay a premium as the antique dealers will know that an old rare doll has a value. They wont necessarily know that it has paranormal connections, but that will be irrelavent. Anyone who has ever owned an active item will tell you that you FEEL a presence of some kind almost immediately. So if you're browsing charity shops, or car boot sales and something catches your eye, but you're not sure why, stop and pick it up. Hold it in your hand for a while and see if you are drawn even more to it. These are usually the first signs that an item has some kind of energy around it. BUT REMEMBER - If you are buying an item from anywhere other than a paranormal enthusiast, you are running the risk of letting something demonic into your home. You have no way of knowing whether the energy in good or bad and if you do bring something into your home that does have paranormal connections, it's best to know its history. 

Get digging!

Some of the finest, most active items I have seen have been found during either archeological digs, or by metal detector enthusiasts. Historically it has been accepted that one of the best ways to rid yourself of an unwanted spirit, is to bury anything associated with it. The deeper the better. So it stands to reason that there must be hundreds of things buried across the world. Now, Im not going to pretend that finding them would be easy, but, if you have the time, and enjoy exploring, getting out there with a metal detector can be fascinating. You don't have to own a detector. Do some research online into apparently haunted locations, or ancient pagan burial grounds and if there are any close to you, go along and see if you sense anything. I'm not saying we should all go off with our shovels and start digging up half of the countryside, but those who have found things underground have said that they felt strangely drawn to a particular place, or spot, and just knew something was down there. 

Finally, be realistic about price

Paranormal items are not ten a penny. By that I mean, you won't pick something up for a few pounds/dollars. There are items all over the world, but in order to build a good collection of quality items, you will either need to do a bit of travelling, or buy form someone who has. I would say for every 100 items I see, maybe 5 have some kind of paranormal link. Remember I have spent over 20 years researching and my collection has around 25/30 pieces in it. Thats it. So I average 1 or 2 items a year that are genuine. As a result of their rarity, anyone wanting to own a genuine piece, should expect to pay £100+ for it. If a seller is offering "haunted" items for £20, I can pretty much guarantee you will experience nothing from it. You get what you pay for in this field. Remember I mentioned the "ghost in a jar" at the beginning of the guide? One recently sold on eBay for £12. I think that speaks for itself. 

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