Guide to getting a DS Lite, XBox 360 or iPod for cheap

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These days, you have to be extra wary of getting a good deal - sometimes, things seem a bit too good to be true: almost always this is a scam. This guide describes the ways in which you can find a brand new Nintendo DS lite , XBox 360 and iPod video or nano for cheap (or even free) in eBay without any risk:
  • Foreign Purchases
Be a bit careful with these. Sometimes, the price may be very good - but the P&P is extortionate. This is how many get their profit - so before you bid or "Buy-it-Now", ALWAYS make sure the P&P is decent. Of course, the price of sending is greater when sending abroad, but sellers sometimes overcharge unnecessarily and you'll end up paying more than you bargained. Also, be wary that items over £18 can incur customs charges of 17.5%. This will significantly increase the cost. Some sellers offer to pay for the customs charge - Ask beforehand.
  • UK Sellers
You still have to be very careful when dealing with sellers from the UK. See whether they provide any insurance in case the item gets lost or stolen in post. Additionally, check out for payment methods. Western Union Money transfer is a big no-no. Buyer protection is always necessary for items of high value.
  • Freebies
A recent trend which is sweeping the internet where many have gotten the latest gadgets for free. It usually involves the user to carry out a free (or low cost) trial and telling a few friends to do the same. Already many have attained their gifts in this unique and effective way. One of the most popular sites is (copy and paste address to address bar) which offers an effective guide and instructions of how to join this evergrowing trend.

I hope the guide is of particular use as it has been to me. Ebay can be an effective and wonderful place for the latest bargains - hopefully this guide can help you save a lot!

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