Guide to getting your new born to settle every time

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womb sounds cd Babies are in the womb for nine months listening to their surrounding environment on a daily basis. As they grow their room to move becomes less and less, so it makes sense to imitate the above for a stressed out or hard to settle baby. Firstly swaddle your baby in a cotton sheet (never a blanket they will over heat) arms are to be placed across their chest with the sheet wrapped firmly around to secure them quite snug. secondly lift your crying unsettled baby up so your lips are touching their ear. Make a slow but quite loud shushing sound this imitates the noise heard in the womb it may take a few minutes/seconds for them to listen but when they do they will feel relaxed as if they are back in the womb, firmly snuggled with sound effects !!! once they are settled put them down in there place of sleep still making the sounds but gradually getting quiter, you should then walk away and leave them to fall alseep on their own, you can also buy womb sound cd's these are great as the sound effect is real and works very well to help a baby get used their new enviromnent, by the way i am a mother of three, also i am a neonatal intensive care nurse so i have lots of practical experience looking after babies. 
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