Guide to identify &avoid/counterfeit MAC mascaras

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The purpose of this guide is to make you bidders aware how to spot the fake/counterfeit Mac mascaras ,that have sprouted in rather large amounts on eBay!UPDATE below: MAC does not make FALSE LASH EFFECT mascara!This type of mascara is made by Max Factor!If you purchase one of these it's 100% /counterfeit!

Sellers of these replica mascaras are:Cindycaramel,Zara-choudhry,Lavender201421,





Firstly all AUTHENTIC Mac mascaras, always have UNIQUE shades names:ie

Mascara TYPE =shades name

Zoom Lash=Zoomblack,LoftyBrown

Splashproof=Blacksplash  this is the only waterproof mascara that Mac produces

Prolash=Charcoal Brown,Coal Black

Dazzlelash=Star brunette,Black dazzle

Plushlash =Brownette,Plushblack

Prolonglash =Pitchblack

Mascara X =Black X,dark brown

Pro Lash Colour=Periwink-wink,Twisted Tulip,Tiger Lilly,Platinum Plus

Zoom Fast Black Lash=Black matt

the above is the latest release of MAC

Fibre Rich lash = All black&Whole Brown < Fibre Rich mascara outer tube has delicate  all over design  like COBWEB


you get my meaning... :)

You will never find a Mac mascara with meaningless numbers such as 01,02 or just a shade name like Black 01!!Genuine Mac mascaras will always have proper shades names such as Black dazzle , Whole Brown,Coal black.Different names for DIFFERENT TYPES of mascaras !Please ask seller prior to purchase about the shades names etc,GENUINE sellers of AUTHENTIC M*A*C will find time to answer all your query!



Below photo of authentic Mac Zoom lash mascara,very matt outer shell,batch code on silver sticker on the body of mascara ,with actual shade name ZOOM BLACK, PRINTED DIRECTLY onto the FLAP of the box which you can clearly see on this photo :)

Fake MAC zoomlash,has Plushblack on the sticker ,genuine will have Zoomblack.

Another weird and fake Mac product that I have come across is this awful combo of fake mascara and lipgloss!!Please be assured that NO matter what the seller says it's FAKE!Photo below...

Below counterfeit PRO Lash Waterproof ,no such product!

Below again same fake Pro Lash Waterproof,but with some weird silver trim!


Below counterfeit Mac mascara again look @the weirdly spaced,smudged MAC logo,printing errors,font bit wonky!

Another fake Mac Mascara&eyeliner SET!Notice the spelling error*WATRPROOF*



Below is one of the most attrocious fake Mac mascaras i have seen"Obsess"??Viva Glam has never included this sort of mascaras!


above another fake sold as PLush Lash mascara:seller:Natw263.330341352163

JUST TO CAP IT ALL MAC HAS NEVER MANUFACTURED PRO -LASH WATERPROOF !IF you come across these rest assured it's a fake !With who knows what nasty,poisonous ingredients!Would you really want to save few pounds to put something near your eyes that has NEVER been TESTED!?

Known fake MAC mascara also comes packaged as ZOOM LASH ,but with Plushlash sticker!If you buy this type of mascara it is unfortunately a fake.Do not be deluded by the seller tellin you that MAC has made a printing error.

List of the sellers who have sold these fakes Mac:

123Sophie007- sells vast amounts(wholesale) of REPLICA MAC

Niccistylecloset- fake MAC mascara,lipgloss,also replica Dior Mascara and BeneFit

Embabez1- replica MAC zoom lash mascara with Diamontee on the edge!

Kellypankshotmail-fake MAC zoom lash and fake Dazzleglass,thank you to Karen ,for bringin this to my attention

Kerr300zx-same as above fake MAC mascara in LEOPARD printed packaging

Chrisjay2009-all their Mac is fake

Samfancourt-all their Mac mascaras is counterfeit

Natw263-fake Mac plushblack mascara

halscorner-2009-fake Mac volume/lenght/curl no such mascara

Talie287 - fake MAc zoom lash&Liquid eyeliner /other Mac without stickers shades names

extreme1243-fake Hkitty mascara sets

Em_make_up  all their Mac,B.Brown items are counterfeit

True.designs08 fake Mac eyeliner

Ste.bay09-110390890901*90pcs of Mac mascaras!

Emma210_7 - same fake pro Lash Mac mascaras again 90 pcs!





Authentic Mac products,have batch code subtly etched on the box and usually on the actual product too.These batch codes help to identify source of the production,year,month..Please email me for more info on batch codes :)

Below Photo of the actual batch code on AUTHENTIC Mac zoom lash mascara!

The counterfeit Mac Zoom lash,that i came across smelled of  nail varnish remover,the body of the mascara was longer too (when compared to the authentic Mac zoom lash),the general apperance of the brush was of poor quality,logo Mac was a bit smudged too!There was no Mac UNIQUE shade name on the FLAP of the box nor on the sticker !

I cannot stress enough how dangerous FAKE makeup is!Also please know this MAC does NOT do wholesale for ONWARD RESALE!If you see anyone selling say 60 or 90 pieces of MAC MASCARAS as wholesale you can be pretty sure that is NOT authentic MAC!!MAC,invests  lots of money on proper testing  also most important ethos of  M*A*C,is that their products are NEVER   tested on ANIMALS!

Some sellers do not care if they sell you fakes,some pretend ignorance!BEWARE of such statements on the AUCTIONS*BRAND NEW IN BARCODED BOX*that is totally meaningless and it's still a FAKE!Or bought WHOLESALE,some items may have squashed boxes,M*A*C LOGO ,might look wonky etc!Still a FAKE!

If you buy these fakes please report them and the SELLERS to eBay and Paypal and keep eBay safe for other users.

If you purchase a fake please leave,FACTUAL,CALM,NEGATIVE FEEDBACK to protect other bidders and keep Ebay SAFE from counterfeiters.Also know this that if you file a claim with Paypal for SNAD,you cannot take your fake MASCARA/ PALETTE/PIGMENT to  MAC counter ,and ask them to give you letter in support of your PAYPAL claim.You have not bought this from MAC,so  by law they cannot get involved !

Thank you for reading and if you find this guide helpful please don't forget to VOTE to keep this guide alive ;)

Chiara 2311


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