Guide to identify&avoid fake Mac Pigments**

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I love experimenting with Mac pigments ,they are such  fab product,here is a little info to help you avoiding the pitfalls of buying counterfeit Mac pigments.
Sadly MAC PIGMENTS are the most counterfeited MAC product!
Below is a photo of my fav shade MAC Pigment"Dark Soul"

Authentic Mac pigments retail for around £15 each so as ask yourself how can someone afford to sell 20 brand new pigments for £49?Here some info : MAC doesn't sell wholesale to distributors
In the UK a MAC Pro card gives a maximum discount of 35%  pigments are £9.52 each a Staff Discount card gives 60% discount - pigments cost £5.87 each ,so if you see them sold very cheaply your alarm bells  should be ringing loud and clear.I would be wary of buying from anyone who has lots of " very rare" or "hard to find"pigments ask yourself how did they acquire these "rare pigments"?

FAKE Mac PIGMENTS usually have stickers on the box with number only such A02, NO  UNIQUE shade name or the latest fake Mac pigments,are made with MAC single powder eyeshadow names,more INFO below :)
The font used for the weights is not bold enough if you compere to the genuine Mac!The outer box is of very poor quality,wrong font,poor printing aligment.The bottom of the FAKE jar is quite thick.Shiny lids, is another dead give away,AUTHENTIC MAC lids are matt!Visually the lids on counterfeit Mac pigments are deeper ,than on the genuine  Mac.The sticker on genuine Mac pigment could be silver or clear and will have both the batch code and the unique shade name ie:Frost,Dark soul,Emerald green etc,if you see auction with pigments described as :shimmery pink or green ask seller questions to determine authenticity .

<,black stickers on the fake MAC PIGMENTS,weird font,wrong colours ,genuine MAC stickers are usually silver or even clear.Fake MAC pigment sold in VAST amount by seller:Sarou1!

<Genuine MAC pigment 
this website are not authorised seller of genuine MAC,all their make up is FAKE!

Genuine Mac pigment are NOT made with a clear PLASTIC SPOUT from which you pour the PIGMENT ie:seller:Atownorange item:
180599271141.Worse replica MAC Pigment, ive seen!

<,Authentic Mac pigment "Vanilla"complete with apostrophe :)
Genuine Mac pigments are never made with a little  SPOUT or a hole for easy pouring!
sellers of these fake Mac pigments/EYESHADOWS

123Sophie007 - sells replica MAC pigment,lipstick,etc in VAST amount
picenbuy - same as above VAST fake MAC,Pigment,eyeshadow,Dazzleglass
Kmbargains fake MAC single powder eyeshadows complete with MIRROR/APPLICATOR
by_kristina all her Mac eyeshadows are REPLICA same as above
Ladymuck1980 - all their pigments are fake,their "Mac"brushes are replica too
Fcolliss - fake MAC pigments with Typo'S
Holidayfunds1982 -fake MAC dazzleglass
Ribenaberry20  same as above
Funkee - fake MAC eyeshadow
Vintage*candy to recap MAC does NOT make eyeshadows with BASE that reveals MIRROR/sponge applicator!If you purchase one of these then it's deffo 100%replica

fake Mac pigment with  Mac SINGLE powder EYESHADOW shade NAME!Please know that MAC does NOT repeat it's names across ranges!!Weird font!
Another  thing i have noticed with fake pigments is the outer box poor quality paper means it is very easily SCRATCHED!Try running your nail across the surface of authentic MAC pigment BOX,and see what i mean.On my fake Mac pigment the box said MADE IN CANADA, jar had MADE IN US!?!
Most important :counterfeit PIGMENTS,do NOT adhere very well,hence their staying power is POOR.When i wear my authentic Mac pigment it will last me from morning till evening.Genuine Mac pigment is highly concentrated so you only need tiny amount!

 The latest FAKE Mac pigments are named after Mac SINGLE POWDER eyeshadows ie:
ELECTRIC EEL&BRONZE, I repeat these are POWDER EYESHADOWS colours NOT PIGMENTS COLOURS and if you buy these they are 100úKE!!

<TYPO's and Graphic errors! POLVOS con PLGMENTOS??Poor quality packaging!MAC are very FASTIDIOUS about their packaging.The sides of the box are literally coming apart!
<Stickers of these type are indication of fake MAC pigment,WRONG type of font used,BLANC TYPE is a name of SINGLE POWDER eyeshadow,not PIGMENT!Mac does NOT repeat it's names across ranges.So above is fake!

Above are mine MAC pigments bought at Mac counter,compere the stickers :)to the fake ones...
Obviously counterfeiters do not know the names of the Mac pigments and just used any names that came handy!
Below is such example of these fake Mac pigments.

<,fake pigment complete with spelling error " ATIQUE"instead of ANTIQUE.
I have not written this guide to upset genuine sellers of Mac,i just want to prevent anyone from buying this rubbish and paying lots of money for something that can be bought on some of the websites for £0.98 for 1 pigment jar,and whats worse these websites claim to sell WHOLESALE MAC!Simply untrue!

As mentioned before you just don't know what ingredients these fake pigments have could be mercury,some other rubbish that has never been properly tested,hence if you buy these fake pigments and develop an allergic reaction,you cannot go to Mac counter and blame them as you have not bought it from them in a first place.If you buy it on ebay,please report the seller to ebay and leave negative feedback to warn other bidders.Keep ebay safe for genuine sellers of Mac.
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Thank you

Chiara :)

Below photo of MAC pigment Cocomotion,please compere the quality of the outer and inner packaging and once you get the pigment compere colour pay off to the genuine.Genuine will last you all day long,fake apart from dubious ingredients doesn't have long staying power.

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