Guide to owning Paranormal items

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I have been asked many questions over the years about how to properly look after paranormal items once they are in the home. I can't say I am a complete expert, as the paranormal is my hobby, not my profession, however, in the 20 odd years I've been researching and collecting paranormal items, I have learnt a few things that may prove helpful to anyone considering, or already owning any item that has paranormal links.


  • Knowing what you're dealing with

    The most important thing to be sure of is what you're dealing with. The word paranormal covers a huge area and before anyone can know how an item should be treated, they will need to know more about the history and connections of it. If an item is genuinely paranormally active it should be seen by a professional at some point (this may have been done by the seller, in which case you will have all the information you need already) but if you buy an item without knowing its background, one of the first things you should do is arrange to see a Spiritualist, Psychic Medium or Clairvoyant. They should be able to tell you if the entity associated with your item is a Human Spirit, Demonic Entity, Poltergeist or whether the item you have is actually a Portal Vessel (which basically means you could get many spirits coming through). A good Medium should be able to make some form of contact with the entity, and possibly over a period of time, give you more details about the spirit you have chosen to share your home with. Once you have this information you can begin preparing your home properly.
  • Making them feel welcome

    Firstly I should point out that if you find you are dealing with a Demonic Entity, and you have little or no experience of the paranormal, the best thing you can do is rid yourself and your home of the item linked with it. Dark forces are not to be played with. I have witnessed enough over the years to know that no good can come of 'dabbling' with things that you do not understand. At this point I would like to make possibly the most important statement of all.......NEVER USE  OUIJA BOARD. I mean it. Even if you have been told that the spirit attached to your item is friendly, harmless, kind etc, under no circumstances attempt contact via Ouija Board. They are without a doubt the quickest way to get yourself into all kinds of trouble. I will not go into detail in this guide, but STEER CLEAR. If you are looking to rid yourself of an item with dark associations, Spiritualist Churches are a good place to start. Most areas have one close by, and will be able to help. So, back to the home. If you are comfortable keeping your item, knowing its links, you should begin to make a special area for it. Spirits do tend to like to feel special. And quite rightly! I have a particular fascination with paranormal dolls, and each doll I own has their own special shelf, cushion, or seat in which they are positioned. You will find, as you spend more time with your item, that the spirit may dislike a certain position. I had this with a clown doll. He kept falling from his shelf, or turning his head during the night to look in the other direction. I also sensed frustration in my house, and a heavy energy for a while.  I moved him to a position close to the window, and he seemed much more content. Experiment with locations too. Some spirits prefer bedrooms, other prefer to be right in the middle of the hustle and bustle, in the kitchen or hallway. You will know when you have got it right, as you will sense a contentment, and if any unusual activity has been going on, it will calm down. 
  • Try to communicate with the spirit often

    Usually, a spirit will leave you in no doubt that they are around, when they want to communicate something to you. But not all. Some are shy, and need coaxing. It is worth speaking to your spirit at least once a week. You don't need to talk directly to the doll/box/teddy/whatever, but speak aloud in the room it is placed. You may not get a response initially, but over time, as the spirit gets more familiar with you, and you gain their trust, you will begin to form a bind, and communication will be easy. 
  • Never let children play with items

    Firstly I would like to point out that in over 20 years, I have never had experience with a spirit that wishes any harm to a child. Never. And the reason I say don't let children play with items, is not because they are in any danger. The reason I feel its worth pointing this out, is that children can be rough when playful. Paranormally active items, should be handled delicately and respectfully, and to be little as possible!. If your child takes a fancy to your doll or whatever, its worth removing the item from their view for a while, to let the interest pass. It may be that you place it on top of a wardrobe for a while. I have had to do this several times as my daughter is a real curious cat! Obviously, there are serious reasons why children should not play with items with Demonic links, aside from how they handle them. Demonic forces take a great interest in children. Depending on the entity, the reasons for this will vary. Some demons look to take the souls of children, others simply try to use them as vessel to act out their wishes. Childrens minds are more open, and therefore can be more easily accessed and manipulated. If you have small children (0-6) I would advise against keeping demonic items in the home.
  • What if things go wrong?

    So, you've done everything you should, and have owned an item for a while. You are comfortable with its activity and feel you know what you are dealing with. So what if very unusual things suddenly start happening? Unexpected things that have never happened before? This is relevant particularly if your item is a portal. A portal can on very rare occasions let through something unwanted. If you start experiencing any of the following, out of the blue, seek help from your local Spiritualist Church.
    - Dream Disturbances (nightmares of an evil, violent, scary nature)
    - Night Terrors or sudden shocking Night time waking
    - Foul smells in a particular room, with no other explanation. 
    - Any violence at all (items being thrown etc)

This guide is a brief, but I think, important tool for anyone interested in the paranormal. REMEMBER, IF IN DOUBT, DON'T. 

For more advice you can get in touch with me 
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