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To list you're item you first need to ensure that the item is clean, well presented and that you have considered the back ground, less people are going to buy of it looks dirty, chaotic or untidy.
once you've considered this, you've considered the bio and got the perfect picture then your ready to go...
Select sell an item
Type in title and select category
ensure you put all the details you would want to know, age, size, colour, if its new etc
your then need to fill in the selection Title, Category, up load any photos, the condition, item specifications, price, location, postage -ensure you've checked prices as underestimating will effect your end total profit, ensure your PayPal address is correct as ota hard to rectify after sale.
when completing the description BE HONEST if there's a mark admit it, if you've worn it once say so, of its sized 14 but you think comes bigger /smaller add that it will all help towards positive feed back
add anything you think will be relevant... Can you only post certain days, are you happy to take a return if they don't like etc

At the end of the day as long as you're clear, honest and have looked at what's about, are you charging the right price, is your postage correct, have you considered the packaging costs etc then it will be an easy transaction. Ensure you leave feedback for the buyer as they will probabily then do the same (some need a prompt)

happy shopping x
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