Guide to the M5000, o2 XDA Exec, Vodafone V1640, JasJar

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A guide to the HTC Universal, AKA. Orange M5000, o2 XDA Exec, Vodafone V1640, i-Mate JasJar.

This is an amazing piece of kit. it's a 3G mobile phone, a handheld PDA with touch screen, and a palm top PC with nice size keys, all in one package.

Although the Orange SPV M5000 is larger than most phones, there is no denying its wealth of functionality, power and versatility. Data entry is easy due to the spacious display and thumbboard, with outstanding connectivity and good battery life make it an excellent business phone.

Even though it's been around for a couple of years now, in my opinion there's not much that can beat it. It's got everything even the most extensive mobile user could want.


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This phone has various names according which network it's on. o2 called it an "XDA Exec", Orange called  it an "M5000", Vodafone say "V1640", & i-Mate have a generic one called "JasJar".

The main difference is the models is the colour of the casing, apart from that the only other difference between these models is the installation of some basic programs and "front-end" applications, such as the Orange toolbar.


Detailed Specifications
Design  :  Clam-shell design (open as a laptop, or twist around the screen to create a PDA)
Screen Size  :  3.7 in (9.4 cm) Transflective LCD
Screen Resolution  :  640x480 VGA at 216 ppi
Input  :  62-key QWERTY thumb-board
Cameras  :  2  (1.3 MP CMOS Camera with LED "flash" mounted on the reverse of the keyboard section + QVGA (320x240) CMOS Camera for 3G video calling, mounted beside the screen, close to the hinge
Processor  :  Intel Bulverde (PXA270)520 MHz CPU
Memory  :  Flash ROM: 128 MB, RAM : 64 MB SDRAM
Memory expansion  :  SDIO/MMC card slot (unofficial SDHC support from Xda-Developers)
Network Standard  :  Tri-Band GSM/GPRS (900/1800/1900) + WCDMA(UMTS) (2100 MHz)
GPRS  :  Class B Multi-slot standard class 10 PBCCH MO/MT SMS over GPRS
Connection interface  :  Client only Mini-USB connector, USB charging, USB 2.0 protocol
Wireless connectivity  :  Infrared IrDA FIR, Bluetooth 1.2 Class 2 compliant, WiFi 802.11b IEEE 802.11b compliant, Internal Antenna, 11, 5.5, 2 and 1 Mbit/s per channel, 64-, 128- bit WEP & WPA standard data encryption
Standard battery capacity  :  1620mAh

As well as all that hardware, the software is not bad either;

All variations come with Microsoft Windows mobile 5,
(which includes basic versions of the usual Microsoft applications eg. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, & Windows Media Player)

The fact that it uses Windows mobile, means that there are lots of of programs available for just about every use you could think of.

PRO's & CON's

Runs Windows Mobile 5 (Windows 6.1 is also available for this machine)
Powerful processor
Easy to use, relatively large QWERTY thumbboard
Swivel screen means it can be used as a Tablet PC, or mini laptop
Backlight keyboard (with automatci light sensor)
Un-parelleled connectivity; Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G integrated
Large screen (great for watching videos, with media player)

On the verge of being too large
Awkward to use for voice calls without a Bluetooth headset
unpolished software


There are various pieces of Sat. Nav. software available for this device, & while it doesn't include GPS, Bluetooth GPS receivers can be picked up for relatively cheaply from eBay.
Many users have problems installing this software, but there is an excellent guide on here by "powersellersuk" check it out 1st. [Click this link]

Most of the network specific models are usually "locked to network", which means you can only use them on one specific network, but this lock can be removed relatively easily; with freely available programs (although there are still eBay sellers re-selling the un-locking program on eBay). It can be found along with a lot of useful information over at (I'm not allowed to include a link, but a quick google should do it).
They have lots of extra information about the model and the various things that can be done to improve this phone, including;

True VGA (640x480 resolution) graphics (al-though this can make some elements hard to see)
Allow te device to communicate with the WIFI 802.44g protol
Support of SDHC storage cards (SDHC cards up to 16gb can be used on the device after installing this software)

While there you'll notice that there are several versions of Windows Mobile 6.1 (Operation Crossbow) available for this device.


After over 2 years personal experience I can say without hesitation;
This is a powerful mobile phone, with un-beatable connectivity, that more than match the demands of the most extensive mobile/PDA user.

I hope this guide has been informative,
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Kind regards
Rob Croft (eBay Id: Robert.Croft)

Please check out my eBay home page; [Robert.Croft]
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