Guide to use Webcam for Mac

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There are a couple of things to keep in mind for using Webcam for Mac. First, you need a 800 MHz or higher processor to run video - all G5 and Intel and most recent G4 models will do also most of the G3 . Second, make sure that only one video application is open at a time. A camera can send video to only one application at the same time. So for example if you open Skype and iChat simultaneously, the first one gets the cam and the second will show No camera connected message.
We do sell 6 different types of i-lovemac webcam for Apple Mac. They all have the same spec. which is 5.2MP the image quality and videao quality is superb. there are other webcams and they do only 300k pixels but our webcams have the highest 1300k pixel which is the best.
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Do they come with Driver?

Yes they do come with Mac drivers

How can I find out if the driver supports my camera?

If you have already installed our driver, you can use the Webcam Monitor application. It only displays cameras that it thinks the drivers can open. To find out if our drivers may support your camera, plug it into the machine, launch the Webcam Monitor and see if it shows up in the menu of cameras. If doesn't show up, plug it into another port and wait a few seconds just to be sure.

If it shows up in this list and you can't use the camera in a video application, you may need to select a type from the camera type menu, or we may need some additional information before we support this camera.

There is always the possibility that the camera itself is broken. Be sure to try your camera on another machine.

Do these webcams work with msn messenger?

The camera certainly does work with msn messenger.

Microsoft MSN Messenger for Mac does not support video conversation (it is something to do with Microsoft!)

This applies to ANY webcam you might buy for your mac.
You canuse amsn or msn mercury, which are free msn 'clones' which let you use your mac to talk to pc users on the msn network. A great solution for many people.
You can download the free software from the bellow link.

Installation for iChat for MAC

iChat requires a 3rd party software program to use USB webcams. It costs less than $10 USD

Skype video
You can use this webcams with Skype on your  Mac OS X. It is freely downloadable at the Skype website

Do these webcams work with Yahoo msn?
Yes they will work with Yahoo msn without problem

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