Guiding you towards the correct wind deflectors

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There is a number of practical and esthetic reasons for having the wind deflectors fitted to your car. Not only looks your car more stylish and modern, but also your journey becomes more comfortable during the bad weather conditions.

During the rainfall you can keep the windows open and the wind deflectors prevent the rain from dropping inside the car and windows from fogging up.  They also protect you from the excessive sunshine as they are black tinted.  

Wind deflectors are especially helpful for smokers- they let the air exchange while driving.

They are made of plastic and can be painted.

The best quality deflectors might be recognized by how they attach to the car. Not very good ones are those that  stick on the window frame- they are very likely to fall off after short period of time, or to be stolen. Our deflectors are different – they fit inside the window gasket channel and stick by small pieces of adhesive tape inside the gasket. There are also some metal clips provided to make it even safer to fit them.

Deflectors are dedicated to fit particular models. Therefore, it is pretty important to check all the details before buying a set. All of those details must match:
-car make, model
-body type and door number
-year of manufacture and the generation of the car as sometimes your car might be registered in 2006 but manufactured a year earlier making it an older generation

Please mind that if you have electric windows,  there might be a problem with a full closure. Wind deflectors are treated as an obstruction if there is safety device preventing from, e.g. hand getting jammed.
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