Guitar Effects Pedals Buying Guide

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"Pedals effect” applied to the sound. The pedal is used similarly to an accelerator in a car, the more it’s pressed; the more the effect is applied. These are most popular for guitarists using the Wah-Wah effect.

Effects Pedal

Effects Pedals, in the plural, are larger units which normally offer more than one effect. In the case when there is only one effect included, these pedals allow for fluctuations and alterations to the single effect. Buttons and pedals on these units are slightly smaller than others.

To achieve multiple effects, guitarists don’t necessarily have to invest in an effects pedal as opposed to a stomp box. Modern link-ups and PA systems allow for multiple connections of individual pedals, which can all be controlled individually and disconnected/configured for different songs in a track listing.

Types of Guitar Effects

Knowing which types of guitar effects a Guitar Effects Pedal can handle is paramount to choosing the right make and model. Below are the most common and popular.


Distortion, along with Wah-Wah, was one of the first effects invented for the Guitar Effects Pedal. Popular in heavier types of rock, distortion attempts to re-create the sound of a guitar amp with overdrive. Sounds are made fuzzier and more jagged, giving them a more chaotic sound which can be altered drastically in tone and frequency between models.


Reverb is also called Delay and is used to create a variable echo on the guitar sound. The amount of echo can be changed to better suit the acoustics of a certain room or venue and also re-create the acoustics of an entirely different environment. Reverb is often used to imitate the large scale sounds of concert halls in smaller locations.


The Chorus effect is similar to that of Reverb but changes and repeats the sound rather than solely repeating it. Chorus effects are used to imitate the playing of more than one guitar, making them very popular and useful for rhythm guitar players. Other types of Chorus effects include Flanging and Phasing.


EQ, or Graphic Equaliser, pedals are very user-friendly and allow for broad customisation of the guitar sound. Similarly to those found on hi-fis, EQ pedals allow a standard pre-set of sound types such as Rock, Dance, Classical and other genres of music. EQ Guitar Effects Pedals also allow for further customisation of frequencies and faders.


Wah-Wah is one of the original guitar effects, common in the 1960s and 1970s but still popular today. The Wah-Wah effect varies the frequency of the guitar sound and boosts the treble. Automatic Wah-Wahs will provide the effect along the note of a strum, whilst manual Wah-Wahs can be controlled by foot treadles; an advanced technique.

Talk Box

A rarer but much esteemed effect available on modern Guitar Effects Pedals is the Talk Box. A Talk Box emits the signal of the guitar playing into the player’s (or another band member’s) mouth and allows them to “shape” the sound by moving their mouth. Whilst Talk Boxes are normally used to subtly change the guitar sound itself, some Talk Boxes allow singers to sing normally and have their voices altered to sound like a guitar.

Choosing a New or Used Guitar Effects Pedal


New Guitar Effects Pedals have the benefit of often coming with warranties or guarantees (always check the seller’s policy on this) and will be untouched by other players. Whilst they will be more expensive, they will likely perform to a higher quality and for a longer period of time before the need of maintenance and/or repair.


Great care should be taken when buying a used Guitar Effects Pedal. Particularly with the larger units with multi-effects, there can be a lot of complex technology and an abundance of moving parts. When buying a used Guitar Effects Pedal, consult the description and ask the seller for further information on the condition of all moving parts. Also check for worn rubber as this can need to be replaced, especially on foot treadles which suffer from pressure at the top of the pedal and require good grip for close control of sound.

Find a Guitar Effects Pedal on eBay

Guitar Effects Pedals can be found on eBay in the Effects Pedals category. To navigate to this from the eBay home page, first click the All Categories link in the left hand navigation bar. From here, search for and click the Musical Instruments category and then open the Guitars page. In the Categories drop down on the left, click Accessories and finally tick the Effects Pedals option in the left navigation bar. Results can then be filtered by Guitar Type, Brand, Condition, Price and more.
Guitar Effects Pedals can also be found from searching for keywords in the search bar found at the head of every eBay page. The results can be filtered accordingly to provide more a more accurate selection in particular categories.


Selecting the right Guitar Effects Pedal is essential to achieving the perfect sound for an artist or band. Investing in the wrong type or model can create an entirely different effect and can be an expensive mistake to make. Bear in mind that every make and model will produce a different sound, even if they offer the same effects. Popular effects like Distortion and Wah-Wah have had years to develop, and each manufacturer have developed differently, so be sure to try out any Guitar Effects Pedals of friends or in stores before committing to purchase one on eBay. With such a comprehensive and variable marketplace for Guitar Effects Pedals, make sure to contact the seller for any required information which isn’t listed in the product description. With the information included in this guide, the journey to finding a perfect Guitar Effects Pedal on eBay should be made much simpler and easier.

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