Guitar Neck Fret Sizes Explained

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One of the most common questions we get asked in our workshops is about different fret size options. So, we thought it best to write a review to try and help fellow eBayers with their fret size choices, whether you're buying a new guitar, or just a replacement neck for yoru current guitar, this should atleast give you some idea of how the fret sizing works.

We use Jim Dunlop frets on our necks, although there are many other brand an manufacturers of fret wire out there, these are the most commonly adhered-to sizes (although the sizes quoted below can vary slightly from batch to batch even from JD) so should be useful regardless of who you're buying from:

6230 - 0.112" x 0.055" (2.8mm x 1.4mm) - The biggest frets commonly available - as good as a scalloped feel.

6130 - 0.096" x 0.047" (2.4mm x 1.2mm) - Tall and Narrow. Our most popular fret size.

6150 - 0.106" x 0.036" (2.7mm x 0.9mm) - The "medium jumbo". Commonly found on Gibsons.

6105 - 0.08" x 0.043" (2mm x 1.1mm) - "Vintage fretwire" - often found on the older Fenders.

6100 - 0.103" x 0.046" (2.6mm x 1.2mm) - The true "jumbo" - approximately the same width as the 6130, but taller.


It should be noted that although we sell guitar parts ourselves (we are a custom guitar workshop), eBay automatically puts what it feels are 'relevant' listings beside these reviews, not necessarily our own.

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