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I've been playing guitar a while now and I've been a bit lazy in the string department. They don't last forever, the longer you leave them accumulating dirt and sweat the better the guitar sounds when you change them! I used to do that until I found reasonably priced high quality strings for electric or acoustic here on ebay.

Ziko is the brand name and they are as good as anything I've used in the past but a fraction of the price. I still won't change them as often as I change my socks but once every two to three weeks when I'm playing regularly keeps the guitars sounding great. They sound really sweet and the winding patterns are pretty finger friendly.

 I've bought them here  eyesoremerchbay  at £2.99 a set I can't give you a better tip for making your guitar sound miles better.Only trouble is that these people also sell band t shirts and I know they can be pretty hard to resist. Nice prices there too though.

Don't overdo it, tuning up an overtightened top e might give you an eyesore!!!!

Our old friend Harry liked to freshen his up by taking them off, boiling them in hot water in a pan to remove some interesting materials. He'd then dry them off and restring. At £2.99 that's too hardcore for me.

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