Gumtree / Ebay Scam alert - warning - avoid - beware!

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Be safe !!!

Recently it has been drawn to my attention a new scam involving ebay and gumtree .. here is how it works ...

The scammer looks at Ebay for a trader with an excellent selling record (e.g. mine!!) and then places an advert / or responds to a want ad ... from gumtree.

He asks for the money to be sent (normally via Western Union) and often produces a fake Ebay 'safety invoice.

Moreover,he sets up an email address similar to the good trader (e.g. debenturebooth at

Now when the unfortunate buyer asks for proof he tells them to check Ebay ..."my ID is .... check me out - i have a great selling record".

To avoid this!!! .... email the seller from his Ebay ID ... no response ... don't pay! (better still DON'T PAY BY WESTERN UNION!)

Be safe out there - there are a few of us who are honest and thousands who arent!

Please vote 'yes' below to get this noticed so others don't get scammed.

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