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Welcome to my guide which, hopefully, clarifies what can become a confusing subject.

First there are THREE sizes/diameters of 'bars used on motorcycles: 

 The most common by far is 7/8" (22.2mm) including a large majority of Japanese bikes. 

 Then we have 1" (25.4mm) for all Harleys, some early '50's Triumphs and some (but not all) Jap. cruisers.

 Lastly  BMW (and some, but not all, Cossacks) who insist on using 22mm  - so only BMW 'bars fit BMW's unless you use 7/8" and modify the switch-blocks and twistgrip to suit! 

(Also, as an aside, ALLOY BARS have thicker wall diameters than the normal steel ones we are talking about - as aluminium isn't as strong as steel they need  thicker wall tubing).                                               


NEXT, you need to be aware that fitting higher/ wider handlebars MAY require longer cables, brake hoses and/ or wires to your switch blocks. Disconnect the two switch/lever blocks from your 'bars and then you can hold them where you want the new bars to go (and a friend can measure width and raise) and/or the cables will limit how far you can go (and a friend can measure width and raise). Don't forget to allow a bit of slack for movement lock to lock.

I MEASURE the handlebars I sell using the following method:

Turn the handlebars upside down on the workbench (kitchen table) and incidentally if there is any  rocking movement in this position it may indicate your current 'bars are bent!

The WIDTH is the maximum across the 'bars tip to tip.

The RAISE is the vertical distance from the table top up to the nearest side of the middle section of the 'bars.

Push the 'bars across the table so the uprights are flat aginst the wall - the horizontal distance from the wall to the outer tips of the 'bars is the PULLBACK and the vertical distance from the table top to the tips of the 'bars is the TIPS DROP BY distance.

The STRAIGHT SECTION FOR YOUR SWITCHES measurement is hopefully self explanatory as is the measurement for the CENTRE SECTION across your top yoke.

I HOPE I have managed to describe how to measure a three dimensional object clearly and succinctly and you are now fired up with enthusiasm to BUY a set of my wondrous handlebars from the vast range in my Ebay Shop.

Friendly and constructive criticism welcomed!

Good luck, John (ridleydiddly) Red Shift Motorcycles

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