HANDLING A SPILL - A Ten Step Check List

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A Ten Step Check List


  • 1. MOVE AWAY AND GET HELP - Evacuate the area and notify others working nearby. Get Help.


  • 2. MAKE THE AREA SAFE - restrict access; seal off area by barrier tape or notice.


  • 3. LOOK FOR INJURIES - Check yourself and those working nearby for any type of injury.


  • 4. IDENTIFY THE HAZARD - Try to identify the spillage, it may help you to deal with the spill more effectively.


  • 5. FETCH THE SPILL KIT - This should be nearby and it's location known to relevant personnel.


  • 6. SUIT UP -  Don appropriate personal protective clothing to deal with the spill, double check its effectiveness.


  • 7. PREVENT FURTHER CONTAMINATION -  Try to cut off the source of the spill. If outside on land cover any drains.


  • 8. CONTAIN THE SPILL - Encircle the spill with socks/booms and if possible attempt to reduce the area of the spill. These items will start to absorb the spill.


  • 9. CLEAN UP THE SPILL - Place pads and cushions in the centre of the spill to absorb the pooled liquid.


  • 10. DISPOSAL - Place the absorbents in disposal bags, seal in a container and mark with contents. Dispose of in accordance with local regulations for the liquid absorbed.


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