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anyone who has had to search for very rare toys (or rare if you live outside the US) will know how hard and expensive they are to find!! if you are lucky enough to find handy manny toys in the UK they are going for a fortune,especially on eBay! I have just bought the new handy manny plastic tool box with tools from Disney store online US for £7.50 the shipping is quite a lot, but ordered it and 5 days later it was hear and only cost me £21 as opposed to what they go for on eBay UK.

I hope someone will find this useful, and save themselves some money!


I've had loads of people asking lately for the link for the manny set, i have contacted the Disney store and unbelievably they have no plans to get the plastic set back in stock??!! they do at the moment have the plush set and some other manny things. If you do want the link for the store please get in touch and i'll email it to you (a lot of people have said they can't find it) also try eBay usa for manny toys, Just watch on the postage it can be expensive.

UPDATE, the disney store now have a few other handy manny things on, eg, 6-pc firgure set etc and their pretty cheap.


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