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On ebay there are very dodgey people selling hatching eggs which even have been incubated, found out there not fertile in the slightest then instead of going in the bin like they should people are wrongfully selling them on ebay as fertile eggs when they fully know they will be nothing but "rotten". The way i found out, we purchased some off an ebayer who then split up with his wife, she then emailed all his buyers and told them exactly what him and his friend had been up to. I was quite satisfied when he refunded me and asked me to say no more !!!!  This is the simple reason i cannot name him, also against ebays regulations, but a quick guide for novices to make sure they are very careful........I mean it is very easy for the eggs to be shaken in the post and the  eggs can turn out infertile with a rough ride with the postman, but 7/10 the eggs should be fine. I mean i sell eggs and i have had eggs which ebayers have said they were infertile, but when we have hatched them they have been between 95- 100% fertile.  Now wether this is certain people saying the eggs arent fertile i dont know, but i know post has some affect. Why sell eggs as fertile when people jolly well know theres nothing in them ??????
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