HD 1080p HD Driving Vehicle Video Recorder Camera + SD Mem Card C

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Dash Cam

Dash cam’s have been around for some time now.  However recently they are becoming much more affordable, and becoming a product you can’t afford not to have


The market for dash cams is growing due to the increase in crash for cash scams.  More insurance companies are realising how useful dash cams can be in your car and a few of the major companies are offering discounted premiums if you fit one.  We are sure more insurance companies will follow suit once they start to see the benefits a dash cam provides.

For example if you have an accident and there are no witnesses. It is clearly the other drivers fault but there are no witnesses. It is your word against theirs.   If there are no witnesses and the situation is not clear cut whose is at fault insurances companies accept a 50/50 claim.  This means they both decide to take the hit for the claim.  It also means both drivers lose their excess and also their no claims discount (NCD). Plus you will see a significant increase on your next year’s insurance.

If you have a dash cam and produce evidence of the accident this can be provided to the insurance and help them fight your case.  End result is the other driver’s insurance company accepts liability (takes the blame) and you get your excess back and get to keep your no claims discount (NCD), which is so important due to the increases in car insurance.  

I am sure all have a few stories to tell of the ‘mad driver’.  Maybe they have had a bad day at work or just drive like that, dangerously overtaking you then pulling in front, maybe then breaking hard for no reason.  The information can be passed to the police and the culprit can be dealt with accordingly, and lesson learned to drive more carefully.

Dash cams offer you piece of mind

Most dash cams are easy to fit you simply attached to the rear view mirror and plug in.   Working on a loop system so will just continue to record onto an SD card.  You can plug the SD into your computer and store your videos if you wish.   Some have G-senor’s so if a sudden movement is detected say an impact they will not overwrite that section of video.   

That’s enough about the benefits of owning a dash cam. Now let’s look at the cost

You can now buy a dash cam for as little as £29.99 (+£4.95 delivery) from Ukayed Trade solutions.  The Teknique Full HD Vehicle dash cam offers a range of fantastic options. You are also supplied with a free 8GB Micro DSHC card.  This dash cam will provide you with everything you need without breaking the bank. This is something you really can’t afford to miss.

Protect yourself, your vehicle and your motoring costs

  • Bright, clear 2.7 inch LCD screen for easy viewing
  • Auto ignition camera start
  • Instant 1080p video & photo evidence to support vehicle insurance claims to help prove an incident was not your fault
  • 140 degree wide camera angle view with automatic 1080p HD recording
  • Photo mode to take still images for further evidence
  • 1080p Video, and photo playback
  • Easy to Install with included 3M Car charge,  USB Sync cable,  suction car mount and 8GD Micro SDHC card
  • The G sensor function prevents the impact/event recording from being deleted
  • Loop recording feature prevents recording from stopping when the SDHC card is full
  • HDMI output interface to connect to HD display devices.
  • USB cable connection to store your 1080p HD video and photos onto your computer. 

The only question you need to ask yourself is why you haven’t bought one yet!

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