HD Ready Projectors

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In the UK, a product is not HD ready unless it can display at a resolution of at least 720p.

720p translates to a resolution of at least 720 pixels high. (The 'p' stands for progressive scan.) The usual resolution for a widescreen 720p display is 1280 x 720.

It's important to note that when a projector claims to be HD ready, it needs to have a native resolution of at least 720p, usually 1280x720 or higher. It's the vertical resolution - the 720 bit - which defines it as HD ready, however.

Many projectors have been sold as HD ready which have lower native resolutions, such as 800x600, 800x480, or even 640x480. Whilst these projectors may in some cases still have a higher resolution than SD (Standard Definition) displays, they do not meet the criterion for being HD ready. Note that 1024x768 resolutions could technically be called 'HD Ready', but in practice will not display a 720p picture in widescreen format unless they stretch pixels.

When looking for HD Ready projectors on ebay, you need to know that some projectors can support input of higher resolutions than they are capable of displaying. You might see these listed as 'supported resolutions'.

Regardless of the input resolution, a projector literally cannot display the image at a resolution higher than its native resolution. When a projector with a native resolution of 800x600 is fed an image with a true HD source, the image will be resampled down to 800x600 resolution and quality will be lost.

When thinking about buying an 'HD' projector, always check the native resolution of the projector. Always make sure that it is capable displaying 720p, not just 'supporting' it.

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