HDD Docking Stations Selling on Ebay

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Not sure if this will help anyone who is thinking about buying one of these HDD docking stations, the description of which is this, A station where by you can transfer data to or from a PC to either a Sata or IDE hard drive, Or transfer data from say a IDE to Sata drive ore vice versa.. The docking stations also inlcude transfer from or to MS, M2 ,TF,CF,or SD cards.
Now the unit i purchased is not the usual one seen selling on ebay which is in colours of red or black plastic. these are sort of oval shaped. Mine is a square docking station called an All in 1 HDD Docking. Now upon receiving the docking station it comes well packed and has everything you need in the box including a driver to transfer data from one HDD to another. However it looks very cheaply made and is more a bottom end Chinese product, which i am not knocking Chinese products as i have some which are built very well indeed and i am happy with them.
The main problem with this drive is that really the item is not clearly described, and the seller only after buying states it will only fit certain drives, well we know it will fit IDE and Sata 3.5 and 2.5 Sata drives.. But from make to make i am talking about IDE 3.5 drives in this unit.
The problem is upon fitting a Western Digital HDD it was a struggle at first but finally clicked into position.. The problem is that if you then attempt to fit say a seagate drive into the docking area you cannot see exactly where the mains connection is, now if you slightly miss this connection and force the drive in because it can be sometimes tight, you are in danger of bending or even breaking the pins off your HDD IDE connector on the drive itself.
The design of this unit is bad, it has a slider where by you can adjust this to fit other HDD's but the problem is you have no sure way of knowing where that connector is before you you place the hard drive into the unit and if not careful you re likely to damage your IDE drive.
The unit on the bottom should have been designed in clear plastic rather than black, so at least you have some idea where the drive is being located. I could not be bothered to send this unit back as it does transer perfectly, all i did was remove the bottom lid and push fit the HDD into the IDE connector first then hook up the power side.. Always make sure the unit is switched off when changing drives, not because of high voltage as this is low voltage anyway.. No its because you could easily damage a drive if it comes into contact with static, that being if one part of the hard drive was not positioned correctly.. Its a Multi Function HDD Docking station.. Square type.. just be aware before you buy.. also understand that these are very cheaply priced but they do the job. I don't mind using mine with bottom cover removed as a pro version is priced heavily much higher. Hope this helps someone.
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