HDD's & How to save money

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Hard Drives & other storage media are essential upgrades and everybody needs them.  The one thing we all want is the best for less.  I wish to offer the following tips to finding just that.  I am pointing this at Storage Media, but the rules apply in general to anything & everything - check it out & be prepared to walk away.....


 Do your homework.  Don't just go looking for the first thing that sounds right & looks like a bargain.  The phrase 'Pig in a Poke' applies here.  Make sure of your system specifications.  Check your motherboard Manufacturers manual or website for details.  Most manufacturers provide specifications & compatibility charts, so use them.  If you need to ask for help - DO!!  It could save you headaches & cash.

New or Used?

NEW:  Are you sure it's compatible?  Is this the best price?  Check the specificationss on the Manufacturers website & also their RRP inc Delivery.  Most Buy It Now's are above this total cost THEN they'll add postage...!!! so be smart with your hard earned cash.  Be cheeky & send the RRP details to the Seller & ask for a price match !!

USED:  Be aware of the pitfalls.  Used items can arrive with all sorts of problems - defective, incompatible, damage in transit, etc..  & you could find yourself out of pocket & still requiring the item.  Check Seller feedback, check their Returns Policies & ask questions, no matter how dumb you think they are.....if you didn't ask, why would they tell you????



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