HDMI Cables - The difference between £10 and £100 Cable

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In a direct response to those who doubt the benefits of a more expensive cable and write guides to this effect I would say lower your voice and strengthen your argument! There will always be two camps and let's label the camps as believers (those who think cables make a difference) and disbelievers (those who say all cables have the same effect). First know that I fall into the believer category, because I just cant deny what my eyes and ears tell me as psycho-audiovisual trickery.
              There will always be those who say that a digital signal cannot be manipulated and as long as the binary code gets through there will be no perceptible difference in picture quality between cables. That statement would be true if
 other factors were not considered. Firstly digital’s claim of “perfect sound and picture forever” came from a marketing department and most definitely not from an engineering department.

Any signal that a travels down a cable (digital or not) is subject to degradation of varying degrees, this is an electrical law and not one that’s really up for debate. One and Zero's will get through but not all of them! The result will be errors in the signal which superior cables can overcome.
 As we all know different materials have variant levels of electrical resistance. Also cables which use better materials and have better geometry to reduce Radio Frequency Interference (Rfi) allow faster transmission of information.


    * Better Contrast
    * Better Depth of Field & Realism
    * Deeper blacks
    * More information in darker areas of the picture

    * Better Toleration of Fast movement/ Blurring (Lcd/Plasma Screens)

 A perfect cable will give such a vast improvement on picture performance that you will have to stand back admire the picture quality and then catch your breath!  Let there be no doubt on this and remember the more you put in the more you get out out. There is No point spending £10 on a cable when your equipment cost you £1500.  Yes a standard cable will do the job but do you want the job half done or do you want to realise the full potential of you components. The picture from the plasma you took 4 months to buy after much reading of reviews and negotiating can and will improve.
            I recommend using silver component hdmi/ dvi cables. The purity must be very close to 100% to achieve the results but will result in extremely good picture quality. .
I've used a number of cables personally on my Pioneer plasma/ Denon dvd player & Toshiba HD-DVD and have SEEN the difference.

To conclude essentially I have had many well known brands which retail. There are only a few I have found to meet and beat their own claims!  Yes it is true that manufacturers have taken advantage of the consumer confusion and some make claims that just don't warrant the price or performance.  This will always happen in any niche market! Then again there will always be those who are happy with average!
 For those people £10 WILL be enough. The person who does want the best performance can! It may cost £100 plus but better cables provide amazing improvements in the definition, depth and contrast of digital video images. Ironically EBay gives you the opportunity to grab a bargain and you may get a £100 cable for the cost of £10.



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