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There are five ranks of PowerSeller on Ebay: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium. The requirements for them are simple: maintain a gross sales rate of a certain number of pounds per month for three months of activity and you're in.

The rates are:

Bronze: £750

Silver: £1,500

Gold: £6,000

Platinum: £15,000

Titanium: £95,000

The other requirements are simple if you are meeting the above. Among them are: being an active seller on eBay for at least 90 days, have a minimum feedback rating of 100 with a 98% positive, keeping your eBay account current, and comply with eBay listing policies. Most likely, if you qualify as a PowerSeller, you are already doing these things.

Why is being a PowerSeller important? That depends on who you ask. I found that among PowerSellers, the common answer is: recognition.

If a potential buyer sees that you have the shooting PowerSeller star, the buyer knows that you are not just another “junk man” on eBay. This extra trust means increased sales. One buyer said he recently made Bronze PowerSeller and noticed his sales increase by about 20% once the shooting star appeared on his username.

There are other benefits, such as access to the eBay group insurance plan, access to special products in the eBay store, etc.

For many, PowerSeller status is also something to strive for: a goal or milestone to be achieved. So go do it!

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