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I am writing this to make people aware of what seems to be a scam and try to protect buyers where ebay/paypal will not.

Recently I put a bid on a 500 watt heater thermostat for an aquarium. When i bid on the item it was at 99 pence. The postage was aroung £8 but if I got the item for not much more than I had bid it still seemed to be a good deal.

I won the item for 99 pence so the total cost was around £9 and seemed to be a good deal.

When the item came it said clearly on the box that it was not for use with saltwater water aquariums but the heater had been placed over this warning in the photo on the listing and no mention of this was in the listing either.

As it was for my marine aquarium I could not use it as it would lead to electricution.

After contacting ebay/paypal as supposed to the told me the seller would refund the cost of the item if I sent it back and proved I had but cost of postage is not covered.

This would mean that on top of losing £8 postage for initial delivery I would have to pay another £8 to return it and the seller would only have to refund the price of the item............99p

Obviously I refused to return it and lose a second £8 just to get 99 pence back so they cancelled the dispute and I am stuck with a dangerous item I dare not and cannot use.

I then bought an arcadia 3 series halide light for £30 and £15 postage. When it came it was completely knackered and the seller tried to blame the post people although they cannot make it corrode on the way or melt contacts in the unit making it unusable. If I have to return it at another £15 it will have cost me £30 to try and get a refund of the £30 for the item leaving me once again out of pocket due to ebay/paypay not protecting buyers.

Please watch out for sellers who put a high postage price but a very small bid or but it now price as you will only get a refund of the actual item price.

I will also say that I will never buy from hong kong etc ever again as I want items that work properly.

If you need any info on sellers I have had problems with, you can see who I am, check it out.


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