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Have you ever fancied starting your own little cosmetics party business?

It's a great way of making some extra cash while meeting lots of new people. You can choose your own hours too!

I tried it a couple of years ago to get out of the house and get back a bit of independence after I had my little boy. But now I'm passing on some helpful hints and advice for anyone else who fancies a having a go.

BUYING YOUR STOCK:-First and foremost you need your basic stock to build your business from. There's more freedom in buying your own stock to sell than becoming a rep for a large make up party company ( I won't drop names, but you know who I mean). This way you are completely your own boss and you can decide all of your own sales pitch, special offers, discounts and venues. Buy a small selection of popular cosmetic & skincare lines. There's plenty of wholesale bargains to be had in Ebay. Also try approaching market stall holders to find out who their suppliers are or if they have any clearance lines they can sell to you for a very low price (the cheaper the better it's your profit margin you need to stretch).

Don't worry too much about brands to begin with. Most "party goers" don't have any brand preference and will ask if you have any:-






Next you need to build up your client base to get that diary filled up! Forget putting leaflets through doors, it's a waste of time, paper and shoe leather. Try the personal approach. Talk to Mum's & Tots groups, charity organisations, church groups, pubs, coffee morning groups. Basically anywhere with potential clients who have a venue and a love for cosmetics. Why not ask friends and family? They will all have neighbours, friends and colleagues they can invite!

Never turn down charity fundraising if you can help it. You can offer a percentage (I offered 10%, but again it's up to you what you want to give) of the events takings to any fundraiser or charity do's you're asked to attend. That way it's in their best interest to make sure they advertise well and get as many sales as possible. It's a real WIN WIN situation and it gives you a nice feeling to know you've done your bit! 

How you run your little business depends on you and your client base. You'll get out what you put in really. Use customer feedback. It's crucial on how present yourself and your products, what customer incentives you offer and which products you decide to buy in bulk and keep as regular lines.

IMPORTANT:- Before you decide to do demonstrations or makeovers you will need a PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE POLICY which you can purchase from most insurance companies. It comes under the Hairdressers & Beauticians heading and will cost you between £90-£300 per year. Remember to read it well and follow the terms and conditions. It's also a good idea to get a statement or disclaimer printed out stating that your company can take no responsibility for any allergies, illness etc. caused by any of the products purchased and in the event of any such incident the product manufactuer should be contacted. Also make a clear policy that for hygiene reasons your goods can not be returned or exchanged, this will save alot of hassle in the long run. You can get all of this laminated and displayed near your money tin or where ever you feel suitable.

Do make sure you keep yourself safe. If you are asked to do a party that you're not happy about either take a friend along or just say "No thank you."

 It can be fun to work as a team. You may be approached from time to time by other party sellers who wish to do joined parties or ventures. Personally I found this to be a complete waste of time. I either found myself competing for sales or doing all the hard work while the other seller had a relaxing time.

FORGET THE HARD SELL APPROACH! We all know that it doesn't work. Even if it does get you great sales and party bookings on one night, there's a good chance that ALL those bookings will be cancelled the following day. Yes,people love to buy things. But no one likes to be sold to and nobody wants to be intimidated in their own home in front of their nearest and dearest! 

Did you know that the average "sales party" house guest will bring just one bottle of supermarket wine and a single crisp £10 note with them. Also 80% of the guests will purchase AT LEAST one of your items if only to be polite. Remember that the main reason the party host invited you was because of an interest in your produts. You need to make it worth their while to SPEND! SPEND! SPEND! So there's some useful imformation you can work with to expand your sales & profits!

Be available if assistance is needed, if a customer asks you a question you can't answer, be honest. Say you don't know, but you will find out. Then hammer the internet or ask at your local beauty salon or cosmetics counter. Your customer will be really impressed at your going that extra mile with customer service. 

Do accept that however you display your stock and however many testers you offer, there will always be a small percentage of stock that will get damaged. It's annoying, but pretty much unavoidable. Check your display at the end of the evening and put any damages to one side, but don't throw them away. Every few months you can pop them in a bargain basket with your unpopular lines. You'd be surprised what people will buy for 50p.

You should always carry at least the amount of stock you feel are capable of selling. Your sales will be higher if your customers can take their purchase home on the evening of the party. There's also the factor that they can't change their mind or cancel an order if they already have the goods. But do remember that cheques written without an assisting cheque guarentee card can bounce or be cancelled. I used to make the strict rule that although all items purchased could be taken straight away, I could only take non-guarenteed cheques up to the value of £10. Also cheques issued along with a card can only be accepted up to the limit stated on the card. And get yourself a receipt book, they don't cost much, but if a customer asks for one you will be giving them professionalism and a sense of security with their purchase.   

Of course these are all just guide lines. How you run your little enterprise is completely up to you and what you need to learn you will pick up along the way. So all that is left for me to say is good luck and enjoy yourself!

So do you fancy having a go then...................

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