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Hi All, i recently had an awful experiance whilst i had bid on a holiday to the basque country to spain via a cruise beiing sold on ebay,, just before xmas i won the bidding for a 7day cruise to spain, the company being european vacations, the seller stated i had from jan-dec to decide when i wanted to go on holiday!, once i had sent the details to european holidays it was then i found that they decided when you should go on the holiday!, once i recieved the booking form i found that the only time i could take the holiday was from march-april, yet my holiday plans were for september! also there was an 18month waiting list! in the end i reported this to ebay and i am in the process of a full refund.

eropean vacations informed me that the vouchers that people are selling on ebay should NOT be sold!! i hope people will think twice about bidding on one of the vouchers , please do not waste your time as you will be very dissapointed!i paid 205 for my one only to find that you have to pay a further 600 max to get what you want!! these vouchers that are being sold on ebay.. SHOULD NOT BE SOLD! I AM GLAD THAT UNIVERSAL HOLIDAYS ADVISED ME TO CONTACT PAYPAL! i did and hope you all read this and if need be email me for further details...REMEMBER THIS AND DO NOT BID!!

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