HOMECOMING by John Bradshaw

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John Bradshaw is a brilliant therapist on helping you to find your inner wounded child and move on in your adult life successfully.

This book takes you through the stages of early childhood, with exercises and affirmations. He suggests that Group work is very profound, though you can choose to work with a trusted partner or even alone, if you prefer.

His explanation of how dysfunctional families occur is fascinating, with great insight. Often a member of a family is the "scapegoat", but when that person is taken for therapy to find a "cure", it turns out that the whole family is dysfunctional and all need "curing". Whole families have changed for the better until his tutelage or by therapists using his system.

He is not shy to point out his own weaknesses and vulnerabilities & believes in giving time and space to even the most trivial of problems, as they are not trivial to the person concerned. I found his book very easy to read, well laid out, with chapters focusing on each stage of childhood, with thought provoking questions at each stage.

If you wish to move on from childish behaviour to adult understanding, this is the book for you. I can't imagine there is anyone who wouldn't benefit from taking it onboard. Very few of us have had idyllic childhoods, as our parents were a product of their dysfunctional environment. This book helps us to understand how this all happened & hopefully come to terms with our own issues.
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