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Ive noticed a trend on ebay reviews/guides.If your wanting to get a top rating all you have to do is write a review/guide about fakes or scams eg. How to spot fakes on could be on any item but i ve noticed the most popular items get the most hits.Although it looks good that you have a review/guide rating, It doesnt necessarily mean the guide / review was helpful. I was reading through some guides when i came across one that just had lots of ddddddddd 's and the guide had a very high rating ,why people would want to mark that as helpful, confused me! The person had lots of hits and was a top 100 reviewer.

The best policy is to write a guide/review on items which you ve had experience with.Ebay users will notice if you are a scammer like the person that wrote a guide with lots of dddddddddd's and had a super high hit rate!  Be honest,precise and informative and you will get a good hit rate.Alot of people think you can copy and paste guides but ebay will not let you do this.The best bet is to type your own guide.Reviews are slightly different you can copy and paste them.For your own peace of mind its best not to do this.I 've noticed that guides get more hits than reviews though.

Popular fields are; Gardening advice,Game reviews,Decorating advice,Sewing tips,Baby toy reviews but right at the top would have to be, How to spot a fake and Mobile phones as people want to know about the phone their about to bid on, before they part with their cash as mobile phones can be expensive. Mobile phones and mobile accessories are one of ebays most popular items theres more mobile phones than say cars or houses being sold on ebay.

Dont be put of by the time it takes to write a review/guide as it really pays off,it shows people that you are honest and helpful giving the buyer confidence in purchasing from you because you are a helpful,reliable person even if you dont get that many hits to me it shows you are more honest. but be aware buyers there is reviewer/guide scammers like the i one i mentioned earlier.Do your homework read the reviews /guides from the person your about to purchase from.To get a more precise veiw of the person your about to purchase from read their feedback from start to finish as negative s only appear for 12 mths,read the reviews the person has wrote,also check out their my world page by clicking on their name,alternatively you can check out their ME page you can do this by clicking on the ME  next to their name.Feel free to check out mine so you can see what i mean.

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