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    I have been using ebay for 4 years and have only purchase three items so far due to lack of funds in my pockets most of the time really ;)

But i must say to those people who hate ebay and dont trust it to STOP! I will admit ebay can be a wild place to buy products from. But if used appropriatly it can be the best place to shop from. I am not a great beliver of INTERNET SHOPPING! But i must admit i have never had a problem with doing shopping from the Internet. Oh! sorry there was this one time when i had bought tickets to Pakistan in OCT 2009 from's website. I was charged unappropriatly more than what I should have paid and the customer service of was absolutly pathetic. Never got the problem solved, always got turned away from the phone and now i use Eithad, Emirates or any Middle Eastern Airways to go Asia. Yes it does cost more but the quality of service and the TAX free shopping makes it worth while (you know what i mean).

I am sorry back to the topic, YES! 'how to buy a product quick and safely!' These are my advice and my advice only so read on...:

1.) Set up your Credit/Debit card with PAYPAL its vital you do so. Most of the time its free but business users do have to pay and trsut me PAY! look at it as an investment to protect your business if anything goes wrong.

2.) If you want a brand new product at a cheap price! use the refine search and product on the left hand side tool bar. To get the right product you want accuratley, its better than scrolling for your product for 2hrs.

3.) BUY IT NOW! BUY IT NOW! BUY IT NOW! click this option at every instance. Saves you a lot of time TRUST ME! also most of the Genuine items are found thorugh this option. Personally i like to treat ebay as a big hypermarket from where you buy anything from. Not as an auction site (i hate auctions!)

4.) Read sellers reviews and comments. Its the only way you can trust yourself and the sellers to purchase a product from!

5.) If still in doubt ask ebay customer services or the seller questions to review the products autheticity!

6.) NEVER buy from yourself oops that was a joke!

7.) Be patent in choosing the right item. Have you ever gone in a shop and bought something without thinking. If you have then dont read on! for those who do think. Take up to half an-hour in choosing a particular product you fancy. READ THE DISCRIPTION PROPERLY. This statement is valid when a product's price is too good to be true. Normally turns out to be a replica product or just a feature of a product not the actual whole product. SO BE VERY PATIENT AND BRUSH UP ON YOUR ENGLISH LANGUAGE READING AND THINKING SKILLS!

Anyway these are the points so far, what i belive to be important points to be made. In having self confidence in choosing the right product and buying it in confidence.

Please do comment with your points and ideas!

HAPPY EBAYing!      

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