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This is Alex, in his bedroom playing his Hi Fi.
He had a special Hi Fi because he was in a film. Alex was a bit of a lad really, but he had good taste in Hi Fi.
He had a seperates system. 


 Separates Hi Fi is where you buy each part of the system "separately" although you can buy it all together.
Each bit fits to the next and so on...
The heart of any separates system is the amplifier. This is what makes it loud and noisy. You connect to it a record player (for your vinyls...a horrible but common expression) or a cd player, or a radio tuner, or a cassette deck, or a reel to reel tape recorder, or a mini disc player or a vhs video player or a dvd player, or a blu ray player. All these have sound outputs which can be connected to an amplifier.
Now, all these various inputs have roughly the same sort of output except the record player which will need a dedicated phono input on your amp. OK so far...?
Next you will need speakers to listen to your input through the amplifier.  Generally most speakers work with most amplifiers but some speakers need more power to make  a noise and some need less power. As long as you don't use a high volume when you first connect the speakers there is nothing can go wrong.
I have been playing with Hi Fi since my teens and I have never ever blown an amplifier or a pair of speakers.
With Hi Fi, if it looks cheap and plastic then it will probably sound cheap and plastic.
If the speakers have wires going straight into the back then they will not be very good.
With speakers always choose ones that you can put your own wires on. That is a sign of better quality.
Always be careful connecting speakers. If the wires are inadvertently crossed then you could damage your amp or your speakers.

About me...

I have been into Hi Fi since I was a lad. I have always had an interest in music and listening to it. I am a bit "techie" so I can fix stuff up to a point.
I am actually a lawyer by profession. 
My ebay name was chosen because in the early days I had a large collection of I don't !
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