HOW TO: Buy foreign goods cheaper on eBay

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If you are searching for a special item that is mostly sold by foreign eBay sellers, you might find an offer on for a certain price. When checking the option “Location: Worldwide” or seen the sellers other items, you may discover the same item for a much lower price.


Why is that?

It’s simple: It is the PayPal and eBay fees the seller has to pay.
The PayPal fees in €uroland are lower than in the UK, sometimes receiving money via PayPal is even free (German and Austria). PayPal’s money-exchange-fee is higher when receiving a foreign currency than sending it.
Final value fees on eBay are lower on

9% on (USA), (Germany)
8% on (Belgium), (Netherlands)
7.9% on (Australia)
7% on (France)
5% on (Spain)
4% on (Switzerland)
2.5% on (Poland)
1% - 7% on (India)
0% on (Singapore), (Philippines), (Malaysia), (Hong Kong)

For compare: 10% on & (Ireland & UK), 11% on (Italia).

Of course the seller adds these fees to the price. Or the other way: the seller can offer the item cheaper if he’s to pay fewer fees.

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