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1. Stabilise the car...park the car on firm level and no slippery ground away from traffic.
Turn the hazard warning lights on and turn the ignition to LOCK. Place blocks in front of and behind the wheel diagonally opposite the wheel you are changing.
Remove the spare wheel.
2.Remove the flat tyre.....if applicable remove the wheel cover or centre cap.
Loosen all the wheel nuts half a turn with the wheel wrench, find the jacking point nearest to the wheel you are changing and place the jack under it*
Turn the jack handle clockwise ensuring the car is stable and the flat tyre is off the ground.
Remove the wheel nuts completely and remove the tyre
3.Fit the spare tyre.... put on the spare wheel and tighten the wheel nuts with your fingers, tighten further but not fully with the wheel wrench in a criss-cross pattern.
Ensure the wheel is firmly secured to the hub.
4.Lower the car....turn the jack handle anti-clockwise to slowly lower the car to the ground, remove the jack.
5.Secure everything.....tighten the wheel nuts securely in the same criss-cross pattern, put the flat tyre where the spare tyre was stored and secure.

*Jacks have written instructions on them
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