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The bride's bouquet is the floral centerpiece of any wedding, no matter how many other floral tributes and designs are displayed. Many important factors combine to create the final look.

A/ What is the size and age of the bride or bridesmaid? Small posey's are not flattering to a larger or taller lady. Whereas a small bride may find a large bouquet difficult to carry and an oversize arrangement will make a tiny bride look like a bouquet on legs! Also the term "mutton dressed as lamb" can apply to a hand held floral piece as well as an outfit or dress!

B/ What is the style of her dress. If she has gone for a look from a specific era, period, theme or country, what floral style would work best. Also if the dress or head dress is very dramatic, an elaborate floral piece could take the attention away from the dress.

C/ What is the colour scheme or palette. Get swatch samples of the bride & bridesmaids dresses and get a colour wheel to work out which colour schemes will harmonize and create interest and contrast.

D/ Does the bride has any particular favourite flowers and more importantly are there any flowers she dislikes or is allergic too?

E/ At what time of year is the wedding? Certain flowers may be impossible or expensive to order in months when they are out of season or simply extremely popular. Just try ordering Grand Prix roses in February. You'll need a stiff drink when you get the bill!

F/ Are there are any other issues which may effect the floral arrangements. Are there any medical reason why perhaps a bride or bridesmaid may not be able to hold a bouquet or posey? Would a lighter over-the-arm or smaller attached design be more suited.

G/ If any of the bridesmaids or page boys are particularly young, would an arrangement incorporating a favourite toy be more practical?

H/ If the bride has decided to have a cake to match her bouquet, how will the chosen flowers and foliage translate into a minature version for a cake arrangement? 

I/ What happens if a mother or bridesmaid a little too demanding or getting above their station? Remember it's the brides day and it doesn't matter who's paying the bill or stamping their feet and shouting the loudest. It's the bride who should have the final say, even if no-one else agrees!

J/ Don't forget the little things that can make the biggest difference! Check any floral pieces before the ceremony. Tape up any sharp edges or loose pieces. Remove any thorns and carefully take out any potentially HAZARDOUS pollen. Oriental lillies may be very popular, but their pollen has a nasty habit of leaving horrible brownish yellow stains on skin and clothing. No amount of sponging or dabbing will remove those marks from a dreamy fairytale wedding dress. Remember, minor glitches that no one even notices are major distasters to a bride on her special day! 

Of course not every bride has to have a traditional bouquet. Maybe you'd prefer somesort of hand held piece that shows off your personality. If you love shoes, handbags, mobile phones, chocolate etc. etc. tell your florist. You'd be surprised at what alternative pieces can be made. You'd really grab the guest's attention with a purely edible arrangement! 

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