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Hi, Simon from VirtualMediaLounge here

Just a quick guide on how to get some money back from your eBay purchases.

Using a site called Quidco (search it on Google for the address) you can earn money back from item you win on eBay.

eBay pay people to "direct" users to their site and in return they offer those people a percentage of the money they make, specifically 35% of the fees.

Quidco allow you to earn your own commission for your own purchases, for a fee of only £5 per year (which you only pay with commission you earn, so it’s RISK FREE)

So for example if you win an item and eBay make £20 from that auction (from the seller), you get £7 back through Quidco. Brilliant!

Now you may be sceptical but i guarantee this is genuine. You can either carry on purchasing items on eBay and get 0% cash back, or you can start getting 35% cash back. It’s up to you.

For a more comprehensive guide about earning commission on your own purchases on and off eBay please check the "Complete Cash Back Guide" which is available in my shop for only £4.99. Click here to go there now


Thanks and have a FANTASTIC DAY

Virtual Media Lounge


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