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Has anyone ever thought of owning cockateils??? Or has a pet Cockatiel???

Here is some tips on buying and looking after your pet cockatiel,

1) Choose the right colour you want and also the sex of the bird, males tiels are more vocal birds at the age of around 6 month he will mimick the wolf whistle, although some males will say a few words (mine does) female's are more quieter, also with the male tiel he will pull his wings back into the shape of a heart when whistling away to himself, also males will tap on the bar's of his cage and feeding bowls and toys. Also males tend to have bright yellow faces than female. Mine impersonates the house phone after it rings which is funny. Make sure you have a fairly large cage for the teil, and make sure there is no sharps, if you do use your old one disenfect everything, from the bars on the inside, to the perches and also toys. If your using the same toys make sure there is no damage done.

2) Also the male when he starts to masterbate he will swing his tale from side to side, where the female will tilt her head and elevate the tale.

3) Tiels are proper attention seekers (mine is, he screeches as soon as i leave the room) they will screech for you, just reassure them you are not too far away, or try giving him/her fruit to nibble on, apples, grapes, lettuce etc, don't give your tiel cakes or chocolate as this will kill it, the odd treat now and again won't harm him/her but don't give on a regular basis.

4) Make sure their is plenty of food and water for your bird, also tiels love to nibble on millet spray once a month, as this is can harm the bird if given on a regular basis. Always clean your bird out every day, and also watch for the changes in dropping's, as they should be a little runny and slightly green, but not smelly. Tiels also like to nibble on fruit, apples etc.... But not the chocolate or cake has some owners do, has believe it or not doing this can harm your bird. I give mine the odd treat as he like's his quavers but i only give him a little bit, and that is once every other month.

5) If your bird is hand tamed let them out of the cage for at least an hour, just to exercise their little wings (providing their not clipped) and legs, and plus it gives the teil a break from the cage as well, as tiels are very amusing and very funny characters, especially mine, show him an empty bottle of fanta and he will chirp and scream at it for ages.

6) You should cover your tiel up at night, as they can get night fright's and it also keeps the draught off your bird, also when your tiel is covered up if you hear him grinding his beak it means he is happy and content, it's the same if he/she hangs upside down in their cage, they are not only showing off but content at the same time.

7) Tiels like to be bathed or even sprayed, mine is spoilt and comes in the shower with me for a couple of minutes, he doesn't get soaked just a little spray, as tiels are very dusty birds, bathe them once a week at the most, if he's not keen on that just give him a quick spray with a clean spray bottle, as my bird will have either.

8) Giving your little feathered friend kisses, just a little kiss on the head, but please don't let him near your mouth, has cockateils can pick up any infection we have, and believe it or not we could do them more harm than good, with wet kisses.

9) Never put your cockateil near anything like ambi pure smells, etc.... Has there is something in the perfume that can cause harm to the bird, and possibly kill it.

I hope this little guide will help you with your feathered friend.

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