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There is no shortage of new or experienced people coming into the hobby but it is nice to know when purchasing a machine you know what to look for, and choosing the right model to suit your level of skill. There are many machines out there that look the part and wear the brand well, but how many of them are well built,safe and reliable? Nobody knows until you part with your hard earned cash and take delivery to find it is not safe to fly or suitable to your flying style. Our purpose is to take the headache out of your purchase by supplying you the  right machine to suit you. Whether  it is new or used all our machines and components are fully tested and fully re-built where necessary before sale in order to make your buying experience a pleasure rather than a nightmare! We offer 7 days  8am-9pm a week telephone support and a build and repair service 2nd to none with a fast turn around and excellent results when a machine is purchased from us.  Don't buy blind because it was cheaper. 
Beware of machines sold with spares as this could be a result of a crash or in some case a genuine bargain. Either way the seller wants to make a sale and you could  possibly be deceived. Always put safety first and not a good deal unless you intend to rebuild the machine before flight. Please feel free to contact us before making a purchase with all your queries. Some questions that you may feel stupid asking may also be important to you and us! contact us on 07900646616 mike.
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